Cool Or Cringe? Mavericks Fans Get Married At Halftime

They got a ring before Kyrie and Luka did.

A man and woman ended up getting married during halftime of Monday night's Dallas Mavericks game but some are roasting them on Twitter over it.

Yes, we have officially moved on from the annoying wedding proposals at sporting events to now an actual wedding ceremony. What's next - a public funeral at center court for a lifelong fan of the team?

But for all the haters that need to be mad about everything these days, a halftime wedding ceremony is 100% better than anything else that's going to happen. Unless it's Red Panda or something that involves dogs, a wedding with all the bells and whistles is the next best thing by far.


In 2021, groom Reid Malone proposed to his future bride Ellyn Piatt at half-court during a Mavericks game. The two were huge Mavs fans, with Malone's parents having season tickets for years.

Now it's one thing to propose at a game. It's commonplace and happens all the time and has gone from "oh that's awesome!" to almost a hatred of people that do it.

Personally, I now root for the person to say "No" during the proposal. I don't know what that says about me, especially on Valentine's Day of all days.

But a full-on wedding is cool, especially because it's such a random "What the heck is going on?" type of thing. Also, you don't have to pay for a wedding gift in this one as you sit in your seat and crush some beers wondering where it all went wrong in your life.

Some, though, weren't having it.

After being engaged for a year and a half, the couple spoke with the Mavs who thought it would be cute or something to make it a public wedding on half-court during the middle of the game in front of 20,000 people. The Mavs boasted that it was the first wedding ceremony to happen during an NBA game.

Maybe the Mavs agreed to the wedding in order to distract their nervous-as-hell fanbase that is wondering if Luka and Kyrie Irving are actually going to be able to work together. So far, they've gone 0-2 since acquiring Kyrie in a blockbuster trade last week.


The Mavericks went all out on the wedding that presumably the bride and groom got a big discount on. (For one thing, they didn't have to pay for the wedding venue)

Financial banking company "Chime" ended up gifting the couple $7,000 for their honeymoon. Hell, I'd do a semi-cringe wedding in front of thousands of people for that in a second.

Members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra performed the couple's walk out song and first dance.

Meanwhile Mavs play-by-play announcer and ordained minister Mark Followill performed the ceremony, including an all-time MVP walk-down-the-aisle introduction. "From Central Arkansas starting at the bride position, please welcome Ellyn Payet," Followill exclaimed.


Despite adding Kyrie to the team, the Mavericks ended up losing to the Timberwolves 124-121.

Hopefully getting married at halftime when your team still ends up losing isn't the new "rain on the wedding day" of bad luck.

Hot seat - anyone who is planning to propose at a future sporting event.

The bar has now been raised to "yeah, but did you get MARRIED at the game?"

Also, the proposal game was finished a few months ago when this happened. Everybody else needs to just stop popping the question at sporting events after this king was able to somehow land her as his future wife.

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