Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo Is Done With Mets, ESPN & Buck Showalter

Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo is OVER the New York Mets, ESPN and Buck Showalter.

Days after the 101-win Mets polished off their second half collapse by losing the Wild Card series - at home to the San Diego Padres - Russo laid into the organization. But that's not all. Russo also teed off on New York's manager, ESPN, and the Padres in a roughly 2-minute rant that should immediately go into the Mad Dog Hall of Fame.

Turn your volume down - or plug those headphones in - and buckle up for a wild ride.

Mad Dog Russo Rails Against Mets, Buck Showalter

Absolutely VINTAGE Mad Dog right there. He takes down anything and everything in his path, including Buck Showalter and his (kind of?) employer, ESPN.

Frankly, it all starts a little tame for a Mad Dog rant, too.

He doesn't quite lay down the hammer at first, instead choosing to set the scene and build us up.

Just kidding! We get kicking and screaming right off the bat, baby!


Mad Dog clearly isn't a fan of the Moral Victory. Weird for a New York sports fan!

Mad Dog then states the obvious - that the Mets, once up by a billion games in the NL East just a few short months ago, should have never been in this situation.

Duh. What an all-time choke job.

After rattling off all the "big players" for the Padres - "Myers knows what he's doing" is also sneaky funny. Will Myers STINKS, but Russo throws him so love - Russo then calls out Buck Showalter for throwing a 6th inning Hail Mary and trying to get Padres pitcher Joe Musgrave tossed for a substance.

"You gotta be kidding me! This is the look we're gonna throw at you here?"

ESPN won't stop shoving analytics down our throats

This is where Mad Dog then becomes incredibly relatable. Any time someone calls out ESPN for being intolerable, I'm here for it. We all are.

Out of absolutely nowhere, Mad Dog unleashes on the network for their obsessions with analytics. And he's 100% right.

We don't really care what the spin rate says. We don't care how hard a ball is hit. We have eyes, ESPN. We can see! We know if a ball is hit hard or not, and, at the end of the day, WE DON'T CARE!

"Enough with the analytics, let us watch the ballgame!"

I think we all felt that one from Mad Dog, and it makes it even better that he's now basically a regular on ESPN's First Take.

Don't care, baby! Enough with the analytics!

Finally, Mad Dog takes a dump on the Padres-Dodgers series, saying literally nobody east of the Mississippi cares and the Dodgers will humiliate them. Fast forward a day and last night's score was ...

Dodgers 5, Padres 3, dropping San Diego to 5-15 against LA this season.

"Nobody in America is going to get that wrapped up about that little corner of the world that's Southern California!"

Breathe, Mad Dog!

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