Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal Hilariously Reenact Skip Bayless-Shannon Sharp Fight

Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley ruthlessly trolled the fight between Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed from earlier this week, which took a weirdly personal turn out of nowhere.

The longtime TV partners were arguing about Tom Brady (stunning!) when Shannon apparently had ENOUGH of Skip's nonsense, took his spectacles off and dropped the gloves.

Take a looksie:

Shaq and Charles Barkley mock Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharp

Riveting stuff.

“I did what I did, you make it seem like I was a bum. I’m in the f’n Hall of Fame, I’ve got three Super Bowls!” Shannon pleads.

"He's way better than you," Skip eventually says, which - shockingly - sets Shannon Sharp OFF.

What drama. What a scene.

Anyway, Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley LOVE to butt heads on Inside the NBA, too, and they were at it again on Tuesday.

This fight wasn't quite as heated as Shannon and Skip's, but did include Shaq threatening to 'smack Chuck right now,' and Barkley responding by promising to crack Shaq in the forehead with a coffee cup.

The winning line of this debate, however, came at the end, when both cats clearly took a swipe at their broadcast counterparts over on FS1.

"Disrespect me again, Skip Bayless." Shaq says.

"Insult me again!" Chuck screams as he takes off his glasses.

That's good stuff from the absolute No. 1 duo in the game right now.

Sorry, that's not opinion, that's a fact. I don't even like the NBA - frankly, I despise it and haven't watched a game since the 2001 Finals - but I love Shaq and Charles.

Iconic 1-2 punch that destroys Skip and Shannon here.

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