Bud Light Sends First Tweet Since Dylan Mulvaney Mess And It's Beyond Lame: The Comments Are Both Wild And Accurate


Are we happy it's Friday? Are we not?

I don't know!

In the first tweet since partnering with TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light sent the most timid, vanilla, I'm-scared-to-emerge-from-the-bushes tweet ever.

And the Internet was not having it.

Before we dive in, I need to send my condolences to the Bud Light social media person. Because the guy or gal who posted this tweet (and has to read the comments) most likely had zero to do with the decision to partner with Dylan Mulvaney.

I was the social media manager for the 3-13 Tennessee Titans back in 2015. And buddy, I feel you.

When you are the social media voice of a failing brand, you are a human pin cushion — a punching bag, a scape goat, the dirt on the ground at a 4H fair. You make no decisions but take the fall for every bad decision.

While your phone is pinging constantly in the middle of the night, the fat cats are enjoying expensive champagne (not Bud Light) with their friends. While they gripe at you for wanting to work from home, their day ends when they leave the building. And while you drown in constant notifications telling you to go f-ck yourself, they are still raking in millions.

So friend, if you're reading this, I need you to know it's not your fault. And if your boss gets mad at you about the analytics report this month, please send them to me.

Because you can't tell them they're idiots. But I can.

People are destroying Bud Light in the comments.

To catch you up, in case you've been living under a literal mountain of rocks, Bud Light partnered with transgender TikTok activist Dylan Mulvaney.

The brand's drinkers didn't like it. Their market cap plummeted, an executive insulted their customer base, everyone started fighting, Kid Rock massacred cases of Bud Light with a rifle, and OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF...

But yeah, the TGIF question mark tweet didn't help.

Look, I'll let you check out the rest of the comments. But while I have you here, I want to make something perfectly clear.

I've seen people say things about "conservatives losing their minds" like this:

"For at least the last year, Bud Light has had rainbow beer cans for Pride, and it wasn’t a problem," Brandon J. Robertson tweeted. "The inconsistency in their rage shows how performative this all is and the sad state our country is in."

So we're clear: The only "performative" thing is Dylan prancing around in dresses and makeup in order to receive corporate sponsorships.

We aren't mad about gay pride. We don't care about rainbow bottles. And we certainly don't care what (consenting) adult you have sex with.

We care that a grown man impersonating a little girl — who both mocks actual women and hangs out with known child groomers — is your spokesperson.

And, Bud Light, in case you need to know what real women look like, here's a photo from my wedding back in February.