Bud Light Disables Comments On Latest Video In Cowardly Move

Bud Light doesn't want your feedback on its latest commercial, turning the comments section off on the official YouTube page.

That's right. The new commercial -- which debuted during Thursday's NFL Draft and has since been torched for it's obvious pandering -- has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube, but nobody can give their feedback.

Can't imagine why!

Bud Light commercial ripped for pandering

Classic gutless move here by Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch. Regular folks like you and me -- you know, the ones who actually drink domestic beer -- saw right through this bad boy the second it graced our TVs.

It's a stark 180 from the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, which is fine. I wrote about it yesterday, and stand by what I said.

You wanna move the goalposts back to the right -- to your base -- and put a bunch of cowgirls on screen in the rain? Fine by me. Smart, actually.

But don't you dare play Zac Brown's Chicken Fried in the background and think you're gonna get away with it. Nope. Not on my watch.

That's a sacred song of the south, and we ain't buying what you're selling. Not yet, anyways.

The above commercial debuted Thursday, and everyone and their mother noticed. Shocking.

Not great!

But hey, the least Bud Light could do was keep the 'ol comments section open for business to really get a sense of how their latest marketing ploy worked, right?


They turned that bad boy off so fast your head would spin. And no, that's not common practice over at Anheuser-Busch.

I scrolled through a ton of Bud Light videos on the official YouTube page, and the comments section is an open book in all of them.

So, yeah -- this was intentional. Duh. This 180-degree shift in marketing was also intentional.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that executives over at Dylan Mulvaney Ave. were shooting off memos right and left about an upcoming marketing blitz in the wake of the Mulvaney disaster.

You can read the details here, but they're basically planning to have a better screening process for upcoming campaigns (ya think?), and reportedly have a plan in place to dispel "misinformation."

Bottom line? Buckle up for a lot more pandering in the coming months as the sinking beer chain attempts to win our hearts back -- one country song at a time.

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