Brown Bear Rescued After Getting Super High On Hallucinogenic 'Mad Honey'

Well, looks like we've found Aaron Rodgers' spirit animal. Ironically, it's a bear!

Just a week after Rodgers set the world ablaze by admitting he spent the offseason drinking hallucinogenic tea with girlfriend Blu, a brown bear cub was rescued in Turkey after getting high on "mad honey."

This ain't your typical Winnie The Pooh bedtime story, folks.

The stoned bear was spotted in northwestern Turkey’s Duzce province looking "visibly-debilitated" in a forest.

Apparently, this female had gotten its paws on some "mad honey," or "deli bal," which is produced by beekeepers in the Kaçkar mountains.

Evidently, a little bit goes a long way.

Everything you need to know about Mad Honey

OK. Time for your Saturday morning history listen.

The laced honey is apparently produced in these mountains because it's the only place in the world—other than the Himalayas—where indigenous species of rhododendrons (fancy word for plant) produce a potent neurotoxin called grayanotoxin.

If you do a little bit of research—and, frankly, you have to for these deep dives into the world of high mammals—apparently if bees get too much of this toxin their honey turns bitter. The result can put you in a hallucinogenic or euphoric state.

I know what you party animals are thinking. Yes, you can buy a jar.

In fact, Europeans back in the day (and by day, I mean 18th century) used to put a small amount of Mad Honey into their beers to give it that extra kick. The keyword here is small.

Too much can induce nausea, fainting and seizures. It apparently sends dozens of people a year to a hospital in Turkey with Mad Honey poisoning.

At last look, a jar of this stuff was going for $54 online.

Anyway, all ended well for our high bear friend, who was brought to the vet, treated, and is set to be released soon.

No telling what the bear saw during her trip. If she's anything like Rodgers, who dabbled with some ayahuasca over the offseason, she learned how to unconditionally love herself.

I don't know if she needed some self-love, but, if she did, I hope the Mad Honey came through.

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