Brazilian Volleyball Player Key Alves: I'm Killing It On OnlyFans

In yet another stunning development, it turns out OnlyFans is lucrative.

Brazilian volleyball player Key Alves, who is known as the world's most famous female volleyball player, spent years amassing 5.1 million Instagram followers and revealed in a recent interview that joining OnlyFans has been huge for her bank account. The 22-year-old Instagram star told Globo Esporte that professional volleyball pay is nothing like the money she pulls in monthly from the subscription service.

"I'm going into my third year on a professional volleyball team and I consider myself a professional athlete, but things off the court started to grow a lot for me. So I started paying a little more attention to that side career," Alves, who plays the libero position for Osasco Volleyball Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil told Globo.

"Whether I like it or not, today it's my biggest income. I earn about 50 times more with digital platforms than with volleyball, and more on OnlyFans, because the monthly price of 16 euros is fixed."

For those in the U.S., we're talking $13.99 a month.

For those who have been following OutKick for the last two years, this financial news won't come as a shock. In 2020, race car driver Renee Gracie gave up the sport and turned into a $ 25,000-per-month OnlyFans star. There was the story of the former jockey Libby Hopwood who turned into an OnlyFans star. Then there was the UFC fighter who made $500k from selling feet photos.

Volleyball star Key Alves is just the latest to join the party and business is good and she's not even posting nudity.

"The photos I post on my OnlyFans page are totally intended for 'light' and professional sessions. No nudity or anything like that. Anyone looking for this on my profile won't find it," she added.

There you have it, Business 101 in 2022.

Let's do some quick, basic math on this claim by Key that she makes "50 times" her volleyball salary:

$25,000 x 50 is $1,250,000

$50,000 x 50 is $2,500,000

Needless to say, it's a great time for Key's bank account.

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