Racer Turned OnlyFans Star Renee Gracie Goes To War With Indians

Renee Gracie, the former Australian race car driver who turned into an star making $25,000 a week, is now saying going viral in India was horrible for business and she’s threatening drastic action against Indians who try to pay to see her OnlyFans work.

The former professional race car driver, who never made a penny from racing, is blaming Indians for stealing her OnlyFans work and then sharing her work around the Internet. A subscription to her official page is $12.95 a month. Her sales had gone through the roof until, as she alleges, the Indians came along.

“To all you Indian a–holes on my page. Stop stealing my images,” she wrote in a post on the adult subscription site. “They are copyrighted and I own them not you. Stop making pages of me and stop sharing my videos and images illegally.”

“Ever since my story went viral in India, there has been so many videos and fake profiles made and images illegally stolen from my OnlyFans,” she wrote. “I don’t like Indians now. If you have shared or stolen my images your (sic) an a–hole and I hope you get what comes for you (sic).

“If your (sic) Indian, get off my page now! Your (sic) not welcome here anymore…. I will be removing all India’s (sic) from my page tonight.”

And there you have it, Renee Gracie, 25, is at war with India. It’s going to be interesting how she goes about winning this battle since Indians surely will find a way to create Aussie names to get around her ban. I’m not an expert on how OnlyFans works, but I have to think there’s a workaround for guys who want to get that content and then pass it to their friends.

Renee’s bio clearly states: “If any photos or videos end up on any social media platforms or shared outside of my only fans page I will shut down my page. So please don’t ruin the fun!” Now we’ll wait to see if she eventually shuts it all down or if the money, even with the Indians doing their thing, is worth it in the end.

Money always wins. Now it’s just a matter of what she’s willing to lose to the Indians.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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