Behind The Scenes Look At Paige Spiranac's Naked Tub Of Golf Balls Shoot

Paige Spiranac was relatively quiet in the lead up to the Masters, especially for the No. 1 golf influencer. She didn't make a ton of noise during the tournament either. Not on her Instagram account with its 3.7 million followers anyway.

That doesn't mean Paige didn't have a few things up her sleeves. She absolutely did. She sat back, enjoyed the tournament, and let a few of the other golf influencers ride her coattails.

Nobody took advantage of the opportunity more than Grace Charis did. She had Masters content locked and loaded. When the event arrived she let it fly. At this point, she's really Paige's only legitimate competition.

Grace went big and dropped her version of Paige's topless green jacket look. While this might have worried other, less experienced influencer, Paige was unfazed. Like I mentioned before, she had a few things up her sleeves.

Paige was ready to unleash those things as soon as the Masters ended. One of the things she had up her sleeves was a Q&A session with her fans. During the Q&A she was asked about all of the copycat golf influencers.

She completely buried the copycats with her answer by calling for some originality from those walking the path she paved. Paige then took off her clothes and jumped a tub of golf balls for a partnership with LA Golf.

There's Only One Paige Spiranac

It was the perfect one-two content combination she needed to answer Grace's Masters run with. Knowing there was more content to squeeze out of the tub shoot, and more golf balls to be sold, a behind the scenes look at the shoot dropped on Friday just in time for the weekend.

In the behind the scenes look Paige and LA Golf not only take you behind the curtain on the shoot itself, but they give a glimpse into the creative side. The No. 1 golf influencer is sharing her one of a kind content vision.

This wasn't your typical late Friday content dump. It doesn't have the vibes of something you get out in order to start the next week off fresh.

This had the vibes of finishing the work week off strong. A work week where she set the tone with some of her best work since she launched OnlyPaige.

The ball is now in the other golf influencers' court. If they choose to respond directly they're going to have to bring it.

Paige just reminded them all that she can flex and have them back on their heels playing catchup whenever she wants.