Paige Spiranac Talks Nude Content, Takes Shot At Golf Influencer Copycats

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Paige Spiranac is back from The Masters with a fresh outlook on life and some advice for her golf influencer copycats.

For starters, anyone hoping that Paige makes the leap into the adult film industry better think again. The nation’s No. 1 influencer took to Instagram to address any rumor that she may be willing to turn her OnlyPaige website into an OnlyFans one.

Bottom line: it ain’t happening — not that there’s anything wrong with that!

Paige Spiranac has some advice for the golf copycats

There you have it, folks. OnlyPaige stuff is the best you’re gonna get. And, of course, videos like this with the phone position perfectly placed like the pro she is.

Spiranac dished on a ton of other topics too during her long Instagram sit-down. Makes sense, because she’s spent the past four days out at August where phones are treated like atomic bombs. When people get back from the Masters, they have A LOT to get off their chest (pun obviously intended).

Anyway, feel free to head on over to Paige’s account for all the back-and-forth, but besides her nude line in the sand, she also addressed the ever-growing world of golf influencers.

Golf Influencer Grace Charis Paige Spiranac

If you follow OutKick, you know who they are at this point. Bri Teresi comes to mind, as does Karin Hart and Grace Charis.

If fact, OutKick recently dubbed Gracie a Paige Spiranac imposter, accusing her of basically copying Paige’s Masters green jacket look.

Well, turns out we’re not the only ones noticing a bit of a trend. Paige has, too, and she has some worldly advice to those in the copycat game.

Again, nice job of toeing the line here from Paige — she doesn’t want to discourage those who want to be in the golf influencer game, but maybe just find your own lane?

Tough, but fair.

Getting to the top of the mountain is one thing, staying there is another. Paige looks like she’s still has a pretty firm grip on the top spot — despite Grace’s best attempts.

Written by Zach Dean

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