Al Michaels Trolls Benched Baker Mayfield For Being An Idiot

Al Michaels was subjected to another miserable Thursday Night Football game, and he took his frustration out on Baker Mayfield.

Following Carolina's game-clinching field goal with 10 seconds left, the cameras caught Baker Mayfield on the field doling out some 'congratulations' to his teammates.

Mayfield, you recall, was traded to the Panthers in July, started the first few games, STUNK, and then got hurt and benched.

Anyway, for some reason, instead of just simply giving out a couple high-fives and 'atta-boys,' Mayfield decided to headbutt everyone ... with no helmet on!

Michaels, like the pro he is, then dropped us a TNF gem:

Al Michaels, Kirk Herbstreit must hate Thursday Night Football

Al! I love it. And so does Kirk Herbstreit, who gives us a little nervous chuckle.

Look, Al Michaels is untouchable in my book.

He's 77, been doing this for millions of years, and he's been treated to some MISERABLE games this fall. Him and Herbie both must absolutely dread coming to work on Thursdays.

It's no way to send out a legendary sportscaster in the twilight of his career, but the NFL for some reason picked just the worst slate of games possible for Thursday night this season.

At one point during this terrible contest, Michaels basically said both teams stink while Herbstreit was clearly just done with Marcus Mariota.

Internet reacts to Al Michaels roasting Baker Mayfield

Hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

Anyway, fans around the world love Al Michaels, and they're all pretty pissed he has to call these games. It's tough to see a legend be reduced to JV football, but our man is handling it like a pro all the way to the final whistle.

Baker Mayfield, by the way, isn't in the concussion protocol as of Friday morning. It wouldn't matter, though, because he's clearly just never starting again.

I mean, Steve Wilks really rolled our PJ Walker AGAIN on Thursday despite him being benched last week after going 3 for 10 for nine yards and two picks in the first half against the Bengals.

If you can come back from THAT stat line, you're basically untouchable.

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