38% of Americans Would Give up Sex for a Year to Travel Again

Still stuck in your home because of COVID? Had to cancel that planned vacation? Haven't gone anywhere fun but a few times in 12 months? I get it, you are frustrated, but how frustrated? That's the question.

According to a recent survey by Trivago, Americans are so fed up with staying at home that 38% of them are willing to, get this, give up sex for an entire year if it meant they could travel again. We are talking Americans here. For an entire year.

(Are you hearing me? Americans.)

It appears that staying home for so long has caused us to become a less loving country, and I don't mean just toward the other political party. The survey found that 1 in 5 people said they would dump their partner if it meant they could take a trip in the near future. Ouch, people are already getting dumped for owning cats and for not taking COVID as seriously as Dr. Fauci.

Americans have had enough. And then there is this: Trivago found that 48% of Americans would give up their job to travel soon. Uhh, really? Must have counted a lot of "too white" Coca-Cola workers already soon to get the boot.

It's sad to see Americans so desperate. If there are two things Americans agree on, it's money and sex. Now, it sounds like many might be willing to part ways with one or both just to get away from home. Rough country out there.

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