Study: Women Don’t Like Straight Men with Cats

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Some websites use Valentine’s Day to make fun of single guys who don’t have a woman to spend the day with — we did not. Instead, we are giving them tips.

Your plans to pick up a woman may include getting a better job, losing the Nike shoes, and selling the Xbox. Perhaps those will help, but it won’t change the game. Getting rid of your cat, though, might.

The Wall Street Journal cited a recent study that says women find heterosexual men with cats to be less attractive. “Chicks don’t want a guy with a cat,” says Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert for is not anti-cat either. The same stats say the “like” rate for gay men is 5% higher.

As they say, the truth can hurt.

To make matters worse, another study says women find you cat guys “less masculine, more neurotic and, ultimately, less datable.” Ouch, throw in the flag now, cat guys.

Now, to the big question: what about dogs guys? As expected, men — both straight and gay  — with dogs have a 20% higher “like” rate than normal guys. Meaning, if you don’t have much to offer, get a dog.

For the straight, lonely men with cats, it’s decision time: woman or cat? Based on these studies, you will have to choose. And this isn’t a short-term decision. Should you get attached to either, you may not get a do-over.

I advise all readers never to rush a decision, and this is no exception.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

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  1. I’d tend to agree with that assessment about cats.

    But there’s certainly less social stigma with a single man having a cat…vs a single woman having a litter of child substitutes.

  2. I don’t know who these women are in these “studies”, but the women I know love my cat (pictured). I adopted her from the shelter, a cat no one wanted. I’m her CatDad. So these gals can take a hike. (By the way, I like dogs, but they require attention. Valentine doesn’t need to be walked, she sleeps 75%-80% of the day, and she will come to me when she wants attention. Plus, she’s killed 5 mice the last 4 years. No pest problems.)

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