Report: Coca-Cola Forcing Employees To Complete Training ‘To Be Less White’

If you are reading this while drinking a can of Coke, may I suggest a Pepsi?

Friday, images leaked online from an alleged internal whistleblower at Coca-Cola showing that the company made its employees complete a racist training program with the goal to be, wait for it, “less white.”

OutKick has reached out to Coca-Cola for confirmation and comment on the reports. OutKick will update this story if and when Coke returns our emails and calls. Warning to the readers: no comments and ignored requests are, in fact, comments. Powerful comments.

Unfortunately, a major company stooping to this level wouldn’t be surprising. As I’ve warned for months, our country is inching toward a place where high-ranking executives see citizens only by their skin color, individuality be damned. What’s worse, it’s spreading rapidly through our country’s schools (many over Zoom, of course). This week, a disgraceful New York school sent parents a “white identities” chart to find their level of whiteness. If they are too white, they may have to apologize and self-punish.

This is education in 2021:

This is happening all over, in schools, in offices, in media, in Hollywood, and of course, in Silicon Valley.

I mean, where is Candace Owens wrong?

How long until “your level of whiteness must be X” shows up on public job postings? At this point, why hide it behind private training courses?

By the way, rum and Pepsi aren’t bad together.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. This is sad. Two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to not judge people by skin color and other identity factors. Until we get back to judging people on what they do and their character, we are going to be in trouble in the USA. I’m a Coke drinker and will continue to consume their product. I don’t like Pepsi and to be honest, they’re right along for the ride when it comes to identity politics. Like Clay, I don’t like cancel culture. I hope the corporations wake up and realize the error of their ways of focusing too much on identity politics.

    • Cancel culture is when an individual’s past comment or action is brought to light, and then social media demands the person be fired, not allowed to enter a university, etc.

      Deciding not to buy a Coke is a way of telling Coke management that you will not support their indoctrination. No one is calling for them to be forced out of businesses, just that some of us will not make them richer based on their asinine wokeness forced onto their workers.

  2. What the hell is wrong with our country man its hard to believe how petty and ugly we have become and of course this new administration is choke full of racist separatist Mfers ain’t going to end well if this shiznit doesn’t stop

  3. So this may not be a complete list, but if you want to avoid all coke products they also make sprite, pibb xtra, Dasani, smart water, vitamin water, Fanta, Minute Maid, Barq’s, fuse, Fresca, Mello Yello, lilt, surge, hi-c, fruitopia, nestea, oasis, Schweppes, innocent, simply, fair life, Georgia and costa coffees, honest/gold peak/peace tea, topo Chico, Aquarius, appletiser, and the one I will be giving up Powerade.

  4. So let’s talk about who insists that whites are superior. White supremacists, obviously for one. How about…leftists? They consistently tell everybody that whites need to be cut down to size. They’re saying that whites are superior and need to stop thinking they are. Why can’t whites make fun of people of other races? It’s punching down? Why? Are white people superior? If not, why can’t Apu still be on the Simpsons?

    And there’s plenty of overlap between leftists and WSGs.

  5. If I worked for Coke and they required me to undergo this training, the first thing I would do is go to HR and asked to be excused based on the grounds that it is discriminatory/racist. If they punished me (loss of job, withholding of bonus, etc.) I then find a lawyer and sue the shit out of them. It boggles my mind that any self respecting white person would allow themselves to go through this training.

    • That’s exactly right. This will never end unless people start reversing the lawsuits and standing up for what is right. “Ending Racism” doesn’t mean making white people feel less than. Yet another reason I am ecstatic to own my own business and be my own boss. I will never bow down to this racist shit. People need to say enough is enough. As Candace Owens said imagine if a company tried to tell its black, Hispanic, homosexual, etc employees to be less _____ (whatever they are). This week I have seen some of the most racist things coming from so called tolerant liberals. Liberals like this are so obsessed with white people it is disturbing and as one commenter above stated it is liberals who are always telling minorities that white people have a superiority complex. This has to stop.


    I don’t know if this link copied but this article explains the ideology behind the entire leftist push. Absolutely critical to understand. Marcuse-anon’s books are the current leftist bible. Basic philosophy is that capitalism is evil and made us all consumer slaves but we are too stupid to know it or revolt because life is too good especially for the working class. The working class should be the core of the “Revolution” but they are too dumb and happy. SO, you have to divide people and spread misery in order to develop the fertile ground for revolution. The revolution then leads to Utopia where we are all sitting around fully cared for using our talents for pleasurable pursuits. I’m not kidding either. They believe these ideas and are enacting them. Matt Taibbi’s review is much better than my brief overview. When an editor from Rolling Stone sees a problem with the left you know we are in trouble.

    • I read Taibbi’s article, and then unsubscribed when he completely trashed Rush Limbaugh after he died. It was an article filled with hate and misdirection. I knew Matt leaned left, but that did it for me. I can find intelligent resources elsewhere without the hate.

    • Thanks for this. I read Taibbi regularly- he is one of the last honest actual liberals left. He and Glen Greenwald. Both are constantly excoriating leftists and leftism. Taibbi called “White Fragility” one of the worst books ever written, LOL!

  7. keep doing what you’re doing, Clay. an employee fired by Coke, although it would take a long time, would win, depending on the judge and jury, could win a king’s ransom in court…sadly i had to use the word “depending”…

    the moral compass of many has lost magnetic north…

  8. Less white you mean lets act like the blacks in chitown and be shooting and murdering each other and living uncivilized lives does coke no what the fuck they are talking about just look around when blacks become a majority in any city its bad news facts still matter just saying

    • We gotta remember though, that it was a white liberal named Robin Deangelo who came up with this training. She is the one pointing a finger at her own race as being the problem. She has made millions off of selling hate and divisiveness. Marxists who are pushing this training want to create volatility so they can take power. They want us pointing a finger at each other instead of at them. It is white liberals in universities and media who are causing all of this. It is not even about race at all. Liberals are just using race as their tool.

      As other VIP’s said, we have to “vote with our wallet”. or we have to try fight back with lawyers. All of the liberal elite and their hate will crumble eventually.

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