Culpo Sisters Get Heated Before NFL Boyfriend Showdown: ‘Kiss My Ass’

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What happens when the NFL lines up an opening day game featuring the boyfriends of the Culpo sisters? Content happens! The schedule maker knew exactly what he was doing with the 2021 schedule by sending Braxton Berrios of the Jets – whose girlfriend is Sophia Culpo — to face Christian McCaffrey — who shares a massive North Carolina house with girlfriend Olivia Culpo.

It didn’t take long before Sunday’s showdown between the shredded beefcakes caused the sisters to get heated with one another. “Kiss my ass,” Olivia told Sophia before Sunday’s game at Bank of America Stadium.

Yes, all of this was turned into content, content, content!

Eventually, the sisters, famous for doing very little on Instagram besides dating NFL players (Olivia was Miss Universe 2012 and dated Tim Tebow), going on vacation and playing with their mini Doodles, started choking each other as the heated rivalry boiled over.

“Cheers, may the hottest boyfriend win,” Sophia fired back on Instagram, but Olivia wasn’t having it. “That is not how it works lady,” she replied.

The sisters stopped choking each other long enough to take their seats next to Christian’s mom at BOA Stadium where they kept the phones churning out content. Christian McCaffrey finished the game with 98 yards rushing on 21 carries and nine catches for another 89 yards in the Panthers’ 19-14 win.

Berrios finished with 51 receiving yards on five catches.

As for the sisters, they made peace and Olivia went home to pump out more Doodle content and celebrate with Christian in bed…with the dogs going nuts, of course.

That’s just the life of Instagram content machines.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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