Crazy MSNBC Guy Suggests Justice Alito Should Die Visting Titanic With ‘Rich White People’

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“Next time some rich white person wants to take Sam Alito on an expensive trip, please take him to see the Titanic.”

Those are the words of MSNBC pundit Elie Mystal.

Somehow, the tweet remains up over 24 hours later:

How insensitive to the families of those now declared “lost” on the OceanGate Titan.

Thus, multiple people criticized Mystal for wishing death on a Supreme Court Justice. To that, Mystal says he was “joking.”

Joking about death, that is.

Mystal is a unique character. His malicious commentary stands out even at MSNBC, the home of Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow.

He made headlines last fall by calling then-Senate candidate Herschel Walker a GOP-owned “negro.” Talk about racist, huh?

Mystal also warned viewers that Southern politicians are pushing to break away from the U.S. and take black people with them as slaves.

Talk about inciting hate, huh?

Mr. Mystal even dabbles in sexism at times. In November, he encouraged Congresswoman Lauren Boebert to join OnlyFans and make money from her looks.

Elie Mystal

When not spreading unjust hysteria about targets individuals, Elie Mystal is known for declaring the Constitution “trash.” He considers the Constitution a piece of paper that upholds the very atrocities that plague America.

We will let him explain:

“And yet you rarely see liberals make the point that the Constitution is actually trash. Conservatives are out here acting like the Constitution was etched by divine flame upon stone tablets, when in reality it was scrawled out over a sweaty summer by people making deals with actual monsters who were trying to protect their rights to rape the humans they held in bondage.”

The list continues.

Though we have to admit that casually wishing death on a Supreme Court justice is a new one. Yet not all that surprising.

It was the natural progression for Mystal.

And apparently, MSNBC supports his rhetoric, using him frequently across the network. That, of course, is an interesting decision given Elie Mystal is only a few degrees more advisable than our good friend The Anti-White Bishop, Talbert Swan.

Southern politicians are not trying to break away from America to enslave black people. And Supreme Court justices don’t deserve to suffocate at the bottom of the sea with rich white people.

Though Elie Mystal says otherwise.

Written by Bobby Burack

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