Joy Reid’s Show Says White Republicans Want to Take Black People As Slaves in National Divorce

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This is why MSNBC won’t move on from Joy Reid.

A report surfaced last week that MSNBC had decided to fire Joy Reid, the host of its 7 pm hour, by the spring. However, we doubted MSNBC would go through with that idea, and the network has since said it will not.

We explained that MSNBC is afraid of Reid. Should the network boot her out of the door, she would go on a vicious crusade to label the company racist. Reid furthered that fear on Wednesday.

Last night, Reid invited guests on ReidOut to talk about racism in states governed by Republicans. During the discussion, Elie Mystal, a low-level race-baiter, claimed that Southern politicians are pushing to break away from the US — a national divorce, you might call it — and take black people with them as slaves.

Mystal actually said this:

There are a lot of people who are center, center-left people, who think that, you know, it’s fine for the states to choose for themselves and that really, if I’m, you know, a northeastern liberal, you know, whatever. Who cares about Florida? Who cares about Mississippi? I live in New York. I live in California. I’m going to be fine. And there are a couple of real, deep problems with that. One of them is that most African Americans in this country still live in the states where their ancestors were enslaved, right?

When these white people in these states talk about leaving, they’re talking about leaving and taking their black people with them, just like before.

And I know that’s gonna hurt Ron DeSantis’ feefees that I’m making this analogy or comparison between what they’re doing now and what their ancestors did when they owned people, but it’s the same thought process that these states, these policies exist–these policies exist for the benefit of the white, cis, hetero males in charge. And it’s not free for anybody else, not for the black people, not for the brown people, not for the women in these states.

While there’s a long list of cable news shows that feature dishonest coverage about the country’s racial matters, this level of lunacy is reserved only for Joy Reid’s show. Even Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace, and Don Lemon would push back at Mystal’s deranged claims.

But, see, that’s what makes Reid bulletproof at MSNBC. Reid has created a platform for herself and her guests to push baseless conspiracies and lies about white people. And yet MSNBC is aware that should it demote Reid, her supporters will tweet that Comcast is silencing black voices.

It’s a trap. Once MSNBC gave someone as gross and radical as Reid a show, it should have known it signed up for a permanent toxic relationship.

“MSNBC Cancels Show that Says White Man Ron DeSantis Wants to Take Black People With Him As Slaves,” The Atlantic’s Jemele Hill would write if MSNBC cut Reid.

As we argued last week, the network is in a no-win situation. If MSNBC replaced Reid with a black woman, Reid would claim that MSNBC sees all black women as the same. Meanwhile, if the network replaced Reid with anyone other than a black woman, the blue-checks would say the move further proves racism. Either way, someone’s getting called racist.

Obviously, MSNBC will not risk such a storm. So it keeps the status quo. MSNBC will not fire Joy Reid, nor will it ask her to stop booking idiots like Elie Mystal. Reid is privileged like that.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. So Joy and her latest quite INSANE guest are excluding Tim Scott, Burgess Owens and others “GOPers of color” ?? Only “White Repubs” want slaves … ???
    There really is nothing new to say about “Joy” and whatever very sad sick souls hinge on her every syllable. America 2022 … YEEEEE HAA!

  2. Why even bother writing about what crazy people say. Joy Reid is like full blown whacko. Nothing she says is truthful or honest. She’s a bigot and a liar. If she was on fire I wouldn’t piss on her. I might grab a piece of cardboard and stoke it a bit.

  3. As I’ve said before, what self hating, guilt ridden White people watch this shit show? I guess it’s the liberals who would never live or associate nor socialize with blacks and Hispanics.

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