Cowboys Linebacker Micah Parsons Shreds ESPN’s Bart Scott For Tee Higgins Comments

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ESPN’s Bart Scott has been facing a lot of criticism after he blamed Bengals receiver Tee Higgins for the shocking on-field collapse of Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Now, Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons is taking a shot at Scott.

The ex-NFL linebacker, argued that Higgins had hit Hamlin using the crown of his helmet (even though it was quite clearly his shoulder).

“The NFL has tried to take the head out of the game,” Scott said. “We almost don’t think of the violent hits — we always associate that with the defensive players in targeting and lowering their head.”

While Scott tried to backtrack and say he wasn’t blaming Higgins, he continued to argue that Higgins lowered his head and made contact with Hamlin.

It’s hard to overlook the implication of what Scott was arguing, and Micah Parsons sure didn’t want to do that.

Parsons hopped on Twitter and unloaded a tweet directly at the ESPN analyst.

Parsons fired off a second tweet in which he criticized Scott for not considering Tee Higgins’ feelings before airing these comments.

He has a point for sure. You have to think this has been a tough couple of days for Higgins to grapple with mentally.

Former NFL tackle, Andrew Whitworth, who is now an analyst for Amazon, echoed Parson’s response in a reply.

Scott’s going to be hard-pressed to find anyone willing to back him up on this one. No one — no one rational — is going to blame Higgins for what happened to the Bills safety.

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  1. “No one — no one rational — is going to blame Higgins for what happened to the Bills safety.”

    Yeah – but go to Tee’s Instagram page and see how he’s being trashed. And then you have an ESPN analyst, a supposed “expert,” piling on. Good to see Micah defending Tee.

    • Anyone with a set of eyes and a rudimentary understanding of football can see Higgins did nothing remotely wrong or with ill intent. He hit Hamlin with his shoulder, not his head. The people blaming Higgins for this are likely (1) the mouth breathing Bills homer (not to b e confused with Bills fans), or (2) the “toxic masculinity” crowd who simply hates football to begin with and is using this as yet another opportunity to spread their vitriol.

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