Cooper Kupp Has Diplomatic Reaction To Justin Jefferson Labeling Himself As NFL’s Best WR

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Don’t look now, but we’ve got ourselves a good ol’ fashioned “Who’s the best?” debate in the NFL between Justin Jefferson and Cooper Kupp.

In one corner, we have Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson claiming that he is the best receiver in the league.

He was explaining to a Twin Cities newspaper how he hoped to surpass Las Vegas Raiders receiver Davante Adams who Jefferson called the best in the league. He was then asked about how he stacked up against Cooper Kupp, who is coming off of a massive 2021 campaign that was capped off with a Super Bowl victory.

Jefferson’s response: “Coop is good, but I’ll say he’s behind me.”

Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings warms up before a game (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Oh, it’s on, baby!

Cooper Kupp is, of course, coming off a triple-crown season where he led the NFL with 16 touchdowns, 145 receptions, and 1,947 yards, plus he was named the league’s Offensive Player of the Year.

While Jefferson is by no means a slouch, Surely, Cupp was going to fire back with something to put Jefferson in his place. Nope. He took the diplomatic approach.

“I respect his opinion and I can also respectfully disagree,” Kupp said via a statement through the team.

While Kupp said he disagreed with Jefferson’s assessment of the NFL’s best receivers, he gave Jefferson credit where credit is due. After that statement was released, Kupp appeared on an episode of the YouTube series I Am Athlete in which he listed his top five wide receivers and actually placed himself behind Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, Stefon Diggs, Ja’Marr Chase, and Odell Beckham Jr.

Cooper Kupp talked about how he feels that each of those players is faster than him and may be better athletes, but he said he has them beat in a few particular areas of the game.

“I found a way to be smarter than people, to process things quicker, and to make things really hard on people,” Kupp said.

That’s certainly a commendable way to handle the situation on Kupp’s part, and he did it without giving anyone else bulletin board material. He really is smart.

Written by Matt Reigle

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  1. Like EVERYTHING in America 2022 … it always comes down to RACE. WRs are already THE most ego-driven position in all of Sports … and “black guys” are never going to acknowledge a “white guy”. … Kupp already has one ring … a very nice salary … and 3 years after he retires I BET he will not be penniless.

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