Colorado Reporter Romi Bean Checks In, Sydney Sweeney Lights Up Instagram & NFL Fan Fights Are Off The Charts This Year

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What a weekend of football. It started with Colorado absolutely setting the world on fire Saturday, and then Scott Hanson took it from there Sunday. The Dolphins stuffed the adorable little Patriots in a locker Sunday night despite the refs trying to throw the game, and Sydney Sweeney capped the weekend with an Instagram heater.

Days like Saturday and Sunday are the ones we dreamt about in March and April. It’s what we worked so hard for, what we patiently waited through family summer vacations for. We walked in March so we could run in September.

And my God, it was beautiful.

Welcome to a Monday Nightcaps! Big show on a tap today, so let’s get down to business.

We’ll welcome Colorado Buffaloes and Denver Broncos reporter Romi Bean to the Nightcaps Family here in just a bit.

Anyone else think we need to pump the brakes a tad on the Buffs after Saturday night? I know it’s not the cool thing to say right now, but someone has to, so I’ll take the bullet.

Sydney Sweeney turned 26 over the weekend, so we’ll dive in to that for obvious reasons. I think we should also take the temperature of a couple frustrated fanbases two weeks into the NFL season.

I’m sure there will be more, but that’s all I have off the top of the noggin right now. So let’s pour a Sam Adams for all the salty Patriots fans today and settle in for a Monday class.

Give me a break, New England

Might as well start where Sunday ended — angry Foxboro!

I lived in Boston for four years, so I know what it’s like up there today, and it’s absolute chaos in the streets. They’re done with Bill Belichick and they’re bitching about the last call of the game. I haven’t listened to WEEI or the Hub today, but I can promise you that’s it.

I’d imagine they’re also not pleased with the offseason acquisitions of … Zeke Elliott and JuJu. Just a hunch.

And you know what? It’s hilarious. Give me a break. Us non-Patriots fans had to sit through two decades of misery with Tom Brady getting every single call under the sun, and you’re gonna complain about that final spot last night?


For starters, it was the right spot. Even though Cris Collinsworth was just devastated by it, Terry McAulay told everyone a billion times the call was gonna get overturned. Sorry, but there was nothing controversial about it.

Now, the same can’t be said about the laughably illegal touchdown the Pats got away with earlier in the game. There were like 10 different illegal things going on there, and the zebras just turned a blind eye. Nice work.

It took the most insane field goal block in NFL history and the most illegal touchdown of all time for that last call to even be an issue. If you wanna complain about something, complain about the 68 screen passes you call every single game.

Also, leave Bill alone. He’s a national treasure and should be treated as such.

Now, let’s talk about Colorado

Unreal game in Boulder Saturday night. Full disclosure: it started at an ungodly hour and I fell asleep. You wanna put college football on all day and expect me to make it past midnight? No shot. Wasn’t even close.

The energy, the build-up, the final drive from Shedeur Sanders — it was awesome. Yes, we had to sit through the predictable race discussion from ESPN’s Mark Jones, but that’s expected at this point.

A lot going on there, including an absolutely wild ending. Glad Mark made it to the stadium safely with his vicious police escort!

Back to Colorado … fun game, but, um … they were favored by 24 points. They trailed pretty much all game. All I heard all week was “they done f–ked around!” and “they made it personal!” And then it took a heroic drive from Shedeur to just send the game to overtime.

I’m rooting for Colorado — believe me, Deion Sanders is excellent for us — but it just feels like the hype is wayyyyyyy to much all of a sudden. Oregon and USC are up next. Give me 1-1 in those games and I’m all in. We’ll see.

Anyway, here’s Buffs AND Broncos reporter, Romi Bean, who needs to be as talked about as Deion and the fellas.

Welcome to Nightcaps, Romi Bean! Glad to have you on board.

NFL fan fights this year may be the new standard

We have Aileen Hnatiuk down in Tampa and now Romi Bean out in Colorado. The NFL reporter world is at the absolute top of its game right now. Love where we are in this country.

And so are NFL fan fights. We had a couple HOF ones yesterday, including the headbutt in Cincinnati heard round the world.

Bengals fans — how we doing today?

You can see it in his eyes right away. This cat was on a different planet. Chills. Next-level carnage right there.

The Bengals are an absolute mess this season, and I don’t quite get it. At least Joey B remembered Tee Higgins existed this week, which was great for my fantasy team. Other than that, it’s been a disastrous two weeks in Cincy.

Let’s now check in with winless Texans while we’re at it:

That left hook at the beginning was a masterclass in fighting. Set the tone right off the bat. Huge brawl breaks out and the bullets are flying, you’re either the hunter or the hunted.

It’s a pivotal choice you have to make and you better make it quick, or it’s gonna be lights out — literally.

Finally, let’s check in with the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets!

Sydney Sweeney throws it back and this streaking Vols fan is my new favorite person

Dak Prescott got ROCKED right there. Easy Jets dub. Maybe not on the field — “Zach Wilson is our guy” — but certainly off it.

Solid day’s work in the NFL fan fight world. We’re off to an amazing start this season. Let’s keep it up!

Before we blow out the candles with Sydney Sweeney, let check in with OutKick’s Trey Wallace. Trey caught up with someone else who I think we could very well see do damage like that on Sundays: the Vols streaker from Saturday night.

Somehow, the Florida Gators won the game. Let’s start there. Don’t know where that came from, but it was cool to see.

I think Tennessee just may be terrible, though? Not sure yet. Big fan of Graham Metz’s smokeshow girlfriend Alexis Loomans, though:

Welcome to Nightcaps, Alexis!

Back to the streaker. I saw it when it happened and was immediately hooked. This guy stole my heart from the word go, and Trey did the dirty work and actually talked to him.

First, the video, followed by some comments:

“I gave myself up, I kept telling myself I’m only doing this for fun and for the fans, so I don’t want to do anything to get myself into serious trouble,” Duggan told OutKick. As soon as the cops got in front of me, I stopped and put my hands behind my back myself. I knew my fate.”

I asked Duggan what the police said to him when he gave himself up along the Tennessee sidelines, and he relayed their comments as: “You f-cking idiot, are you f-cking stupid?”

In one of the dumber moments of the entire event, Dylan ran right past Tennessee QB Joe Milton, who looked befuddled, and Dylan told the QB: “I Love Ya, Joe.”

Incredible. LOVE this dude. Love the passion. That’s why college football is the best. Where else can you drunkingly run onto the field, smack the ass of the starting QB and then just head to the sidelines and politely give yourself up?

It’s what makes this country great.

That and Sydney Sweeney, of course.

Let’s have a week.

OutKick Nightcaps is a daily column set to run Monday through Friday at 4 p.m. (roughly, we’re not robots).

Colorado reporter Romi Bean or Sydney Sweeney, who ya got? Email me at

Written by Zach Dean

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