Handcuffed Bengals Fan In Zubaz Overalls Knocks Out Another Fan With A Vicious Headbutt

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Bengals fans are going through it Sunday as their team struggled to take care of business for a second week in a row. They don’t like what they’re seeing early on in the season and are placing the blame on the poor play squarely on the shoulders of head coach Zac Taylor.

There’s one Bengals fan having a tougher Sunday afternoon than the rest of them. That’s because in addition to dealing with Taylor’s less than stellar play calling, he was on the receiving end of a vicious headbutt that knocked him out.

Bengals Fan Zubaz Overalls Headbutt
Bengals fan wearing Zubaz overalls headbutts another fan (Image Credit: SkolBros/X)

The worst part of the exchange is that he pretty much asked for it. It’s unclear what he said to provoke the headbutt, but he is seen approaching a Bengals fan wearing Zubaz overalls who has just been placed in handcuffs.

I’m not going to say the poor fan necessarily deserved the headbutt, but he should have absolutely known better than to approach a guy wearing Zubaz overalls. Yes, even if that guy has just been placed in handcuffs.

The Zubaz overalls wearing fan watching his team struggle, after showing up hours before kickoff to tailgate, isn’t in any mood to hold a casual conversation. Not to mention any insults that might have been lobbed his way.

Bengals Fans Were Already Having A Rough Day Without Headbutts

While his arms are behind his back and it looks like he’s under control, he isn’t. He still has full range of motion with his head and that things is a weapon he’s used before, obviously.

There was no hesitation whatsoever here. The other fan says something right to the Zubaz guy’s face and before he knows how big of a mistake he just made, or what hit him, he’s out and falling to the ground.

That’s as vicious of a headbutt as you’re going to see between fans of the same team. This added a couple more losses to an already L-filled Sunday in Cincinnati.

The Bengals drop to 0-2 with the loss, the Zubaz wearing fan adds to whatever he was being handcuffed for, and it goes without saying, the fan on the receiving end of this headbutt is going home with a loss.

Better luck next week when the Rams come to town.

Written by Sean Joseph

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  1. I just love it a writer from outkick. Saying somebody deserved to be headbutted . The staff clay is hiring gets worse and worse. So many r leave because they’re having trouble getting a paycheck and this is what you get.

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