Colorado Football Is So Bad That Its Mascot Spent Saturday’s Blowout Loss Playing The Most Insulting Card Game Possible

Colorado football is amongst the worst teams in the NCAA this season. The Buffaloes had the top of their roster hit pretty hard by transfer portal poaching during the offseason. Colorado’s recruiting class was ranked outside of the Top 40, and head coach Karl Dorrell has won just four games to 12 losses in the last two years.

There is not much momentum in Boulder and that’s an understatement.

Colorado Chip The Buffalo Solitaire Card Game Football
Even Chip is over Colorado football. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Things were bad last season, but they’re even worse so far in 2022. Through the first four games of the year, Colorado has been blown out by a combined score of 47-173. The majority of points scored came in the second half or garbage time.

If starting 0-4 isn’t deflating enough, even Colorado’s mascot has given up on the football program in 2022.

Chip, the on-field mascot, spent Saturday against UCLA playing the most insulting card game possible— solitaire.

As the Buffaloes got blown out by the Bruins, Chip sat in the end zone, by himself, playing a card game with himself. It was so sad, and for the team, so demoralizing.

Nobody loves solitaire. It’s a game that people play sometimes, but it’s more of a time-waster than something that people look forward to. We don’t rush home from work to play solitaire.

Meanwhile, as UCLA was up by by 35, the cheerleaders were forced to try and feign excitement on the field behind him. Their false enthusiasm behind Chip, who is occupying his time with an individual, time-consuming game of solitaire, makes things so much more brutal.

If Chip doesn’t want to watch or care about the on-field action, the cheerleaders definitely don’t.

While things are going as poorly as they can in Colorado thus far into 2022, there does not appear to be any change coming soon. The school’s athletic director released a statement after the 0-3 start that told fans to be patient, but may as well have said “we can’t afford to fire Dorrell right now, y’all chill.”

In the meantime, for both Chip and the fans who yearn for a reason to care about their team, the Buffaloes quarterback is a fun storyline. Josh McCown’s son, Owen, made his first college start on Saturday as a true freshman. That’s at least something.

Written by Grayson Weir

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