Colby Covington: Jake And Logan Paul Are ‘Disney Lizzy McGuire Stars,’ Would Crush Them In A Fight

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It’s safe to say that Colby Covington is not a fan of Jake or Logan Paul and their pseudo-fights.

The never-one-to-hold-back-how-he-feels Covington called both Paul brothers out before adding that he would have no problem taking care of them inside the boxing ring or the octagon.

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“Jake and Logan Paul are all the rage, are we going to see you get in the ring with them?’ OutKick’s Dan Dakich asked Colby earlier today on Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich.

Never one to step away from the perfect setup, Colby didn’t hold back his less-than-respectful opinions on the Paul brothers.

“They’re all the rage but not for the right reasons. They’re not real fighters, they can’t win real fights against tough fighters. They’re little circus sideshows. They’re fighting in these unsanctioned fights and fighting against guys that aren’t relevant, guys that are 50 years old, guys that are 50lbs bigger than them – why aren’t they fighting against guys in their own weight class?” Covington responded.

… But would Colby step in the ring with them?

“Of course I’d fight them. It’d be an easy fight. They’re little Disney stars and I’d break them in half. If I dropped MAGA bombs on them with one punch they’d run away crying away to their mom and need a safe space… I don’t want to fight these little Disney Lizzy McGuire stars,” Colby hilariously trolled.

Colby Covington is a former UFC Welterweight Champion (Getty Images)


It’s no secret that the Paul brothers are some of the most divisive figures across the fight world these days.

On one hand, someone like Jake Paul gets praise for having a massive platform to bring up topics that aren’t supposed to be publicly spoken about such as fighter pay and fair compensation. He can say or do as he wants because he’s not only a social media superstar but he has a TON of money.

At the same time however, what Colby Covington said about Jake not fighting real boxers is absolutely true as well. It’s becoming harder and harder to defend Jake and his “fight game” when he has boxed people like former NBA player Nate Robinson, as well as former UFC fighters like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley (twice) and Anderson Silva.

The only time Jake did fight a boxer was Tommy Fury (who many claim isn’t even that good) Fury ended up defeating Jake via decision. So what did Jake do next? He went and boxed another non-boxer in former UFC star Nate Diaz. Despite Jake guaranteeing he would win via TKO, he only defeated Diaz via decision. Impressive, sure… but boxing-praise worthy probably not.

As for Logan Paul, he has made tremendous strides in his WWE career for which he is getting praise from many credible wrestlers. Despite many thinking he couldn’t pull it off, Logan is damn impressive in the wrestling ring, most recently getting another SummerSlam victory with his defeat over Ricochet this past weekend. He has also “boxed” in the past in an exhibition match against Floyd Mayweather which was an absolute joke with no winner declared as the crowd reigned in with boos.


If Jake or Logan fight Colby in an MMA style match, 100% Colby wins. The guy is a gold medal winning World Championship grappler as well as a 2x NCAA wrestling gold medalist. He is the former UFC Welterweight champion and is currently ranked in 2nd in the division. The Paul brothers don’t have anything on that.

In a boxing ring? Colby has been able to defeat Robbie Lawler as well as Jorge Masvidal, neither who are slouches when it comes to punching power with the less padded MMA-style gloves. I’m still putting my money on Colby to win in a boxing ring.

And you can be sure that the lead up to it would be monumental with neither Colby nor the Paul brothers holding back their unfiltered opinions on each other.

There’s only one thing though… despite Jake Paul’s pandering and praise to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can be sure the Trump-supporting MAGA Colby Covington isn’t going to agree to fight over there of all places. He’d probably want it to happen on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial.

Or maybe Disney World for the Paul Disney characters.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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