UFC Fighter Colby Covington Wants To Enter Politics, Says He Would Pummel Putin In Person, Responds To Masvidal ‘Kill’ Comment

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Former UFC Welterwieght Champion Colby Covington spoke exclusively with OutKick’s Mike “Gunz” about his desire to enter politics and offered a response to Jorge Masvidal’s recent comments.

Colby Covington has never shied away from controversy…or a fight.

The former Welterweight champion, who originally gained notoriety with his dominant performances inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship cage, found himself in the political crosshairs just a few years ago.

Covington was an outspoken President Trump supporter – frequently seen wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and referencing the former President in interviews. It was only a matter of time until the two befriended each other, with Colby frequenting the White House.

And now, Colby has his sights on entering the political arena himself.

Speaking with OutKick’s Mike “Gunz,” Colby said it was only “a matter of time until I get into the political realm.”

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“Ya know, I want to be a man of the people. I don’t just call myself the ‘People’s Champ’ for no reason. I call it because I really mean it and I really do want to see a better world out there,” Colby told Gunz.

“I want to stand and fight for the people that believe in the same principles that I believe in. The freedoms that we were granted here in America from our ancestors – the people that fought for this land. The people that sacrificed and went to war,” Covington continued. “There was no day off for war. These people fought nd shed their blood and their lives so we could have these freedoms today. Ya know, I want to stand up from those people and be their voice…I feel like that’s my calling when I’m done fighting… to be a public servant and to serve the public and the people. I’m not afraid of a fight.”

The news is sure to make some people lose their minds. Not only those that don’t like Colby from a fighter standpoint, but those that also don’t like Trump.

When the former President was in office, he took a liking to Colby, even calling him live on air to congratulate him after a decisive victory over Tyron Woodley in 2020.


If Colby Covington is serious about getting into politics, he already has one thing going for him, he’s not afraid to speak his mind.

“The biggest thing with me though is – you can’t call me a liar and you can’t call me a coward. That’s why the people that support me, love me because they know I’m a truthful man. I’m a God-fearing man and I’m a guy of principles and values and American heritage,” Covington explained.

When I asked him what he would do if he stood face to face with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Colby said he’d go right at him:

“Oh my gosh… I’d body slam him on his head, and punch him till he couldn’t be punched anymore. I don’t deal with that Communist woke shit here in America. I like my freedoms and I like God and country so don’t infringe on ‘We the people.'”

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Although Colby might not be facing Vladimir Putin anytime soon, one person that does have Colby on his radar is Jorge Masvidal.

The former training partners have had a public feud in recent years stemming from Colby’s defeat of Masvidal last March at UFC 272. Colby also has a lawsuit against Masvidal based on Masvidal’s allegedly attack on him outside of a Miami steakhouse.

Yesterday, Masvidal spoke about his former friend when he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“I didn’t get him [Colby] that time. But I promise you, before my career’s over, I’m gonna f—ng murder Colby in the cage. Legally,” Masvidal told Rogan.

When I presented Colby with Masvidal’s comments, he began laughing.

Colby Covington defeated Jorge Masvidal last year. (Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

“I mean does anyone believe anything that guy says anymore? He’s freaking delusional,” Covington insisted. “He’s gotten beat up, smacked around this whole entire life by me. He knows I’m big brother, there’s nothing he can do… I sent him down to the prelims [after he defeated him].”

After calling him ‘Judas,’ Colby continued at Masvidal:

“I know him. I lived with him for 7, 8 years. Shared a lot of memorable times at the time together, so I know him deep down inside. I’ll tell you one thing Gunz, he’s a broken man. The things he says, I promise you – that guy is completely broken.”

One thing’s for certain, Colby Covington has proven that he is up for a fight. Be it with his fists, his words, or maybe soon – his vote.


Written by Mike Gunzelman

Mike “Gunz” Gunzelman has been involved in the sports and media industry for over a decade. He’s also a risk taker - the first time he ever had sushi was from a Duane Reade in Penn Station in NYC.

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