Closer Look At Saints-Bucs Brawl Reveals Most Of Us, Including Gisele, Will Be Happy When Tom Brady Retires: Glenn Guilbeau

NEW ORLEANS – The Saints sure could have used Chauncey-Gardner Johnson on Sunday.

Because Tom Brady continued to be a whiny little bitch, and New Orleans didn’t have C.J. to shut him up, or just babysit the little child, as he did in the Saints’ 9-0 win at Tampa Bay last season shown here.

Tom Brady was jawing with everyone on Sunday.

I’m sorry for the language. But I’m done with this man named Brady. I looked at replays of the Saints-Bucs fight from Sunday’s game a dozen times, trying to be as objective as I could, and the following is true:

Without Brady’s petulant temper tantrum early in the fourth quarter of his Tampa Bay Bucs’ 20-10 win over the Saints here in the Superdome on Sunday afternoon, there is no brawl.

And remember this, The GOAT – aka Cindy Brady – was whining for most of the game, picking up right where he left off in Tampa’s 9-0 home loss to the Saints last season when he tossed his computer tablet against a large container on the Bucs sideline like The BRAT he is. Must have had something to do with his inability to solve the Saints defense. Well he tossed another tablet Sunday for the same reasons.

I’d love to hear some of his wife Gisele Brady’s stories about this 45-year-old supposed adult.

Brady was having another bad day against the Saints Sunday just before the benches cleared. He again had not produced a touchdown and was mired in a 3-3 tie with New Orleans, which shut him out for the first time since 2006 in that game last year. That was just his third shutout all time in the NFL, where his career started in 2000.

Cindy had just been sacked and then had thrown an incomplete pass, falling to a very average 14-of-25 passing for 142 yards. Brady had just gone through his seventh straight quarter without a touchdown against the Saints going back to last Halloween. And the Bucs were going to have punt for the fourth time on the day, having failed on third down for the seventh time out of 11.

But it was just too much for our hero of seven Super Bowl titles to take. He thought pass interference should have been called on that last incompletion, and Precious started whining about it.

Imagine that. Tom Brady bitching about another call he supposedly didn’t get. When the official didn’t pacify him with a late flag, he started yelling at Saints’ cornerback Marshon Lattimore.

Lattimore was walking away, but Brady said something. His face contorted like it was something out of kindergarten, but it may have been something like, “F-You!”

Lattimore should’ve just struck a C.J. pose at that precise moment with arms folded like below, and that would have pissed Brady off more than anything. But the Saints traded C.J. to the Eagles before the season. He was clearly missed on this day in more ways than one by the Saints.

Tom Brady has a history with Saints DBs.

Instead, Lattimore lost it, turned around, said something to Brady, and was moving toward him. Then Tampa Bay running back Leonard Fournette pushed Lattimore, who punched or slapped Fournette in the face. Then Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Evans, who has feuded with Lattimore for years, pushed Lattimore to the ground.

And all Hell broke loose.

After order was restored, Lattimore and Evans were tossed. And Brady pranced off into the sunset again. And soon, he threw a touchdown pass for a 10-3 lead. Saints quarterback Jameis Winston self-destructed like he did when he was at Tampa Bay, which is why Brady is at Tampa Bay, and threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter. One was returned for a touchdown and a 20-3 lead, and it was over.

“Emotion,” Brady said when asked what happened. “It’s an emotional game.”

Thanks for that update, Tom. Please retire soon.

The Saints (1-1) lose this game even without the fight. They committed five turnovers in all, a critical fumble by running back Mark Ingram at the 10-yard line late in the third quarter when the Saints could have gone up 6-3 or 10-3 and a fumble by wide receiver Chris Olave. But that’s not the point. The NFL will be more fun when Brady retires. He simply complains all the time. I would not be surprised if some of his own teammates are sick of it, but keeping very quiet.

Put the rematch down on your calendars now. New Orleans is at Tampa Bay (2-0)on Monday Night Football on Dec. 5. Maybe Winston, suffering from a back injury, will be healthier. He can’t play any worse in a fourth quarter – hopefully. And running back Alvin Kamara (ribs) may be healhier, too.

Bring on Round 2.

“It gets spicy when you come to New Orleans,” Evans said. “All I see is Lattimore like punched Lenny (Fournette) in the face or something like that.”

After Fournette pushed Lattimore.

NFL senior vice president of officiating Walter Anderson was interviewed by a pool reporter after the game and was asked why other players were not ejected – such as Brady possibly.

“We just did not feel like those actions rose to the level of disqualification,” Anderson said.

Of course, Brady did not engage in anything physical. Why no, he had his guys do the heavy lifting and pushing.

Maybe I am being too harsh on Tom Brady. Who knows what is impacting his bitcher management?

But suddenly, I see Gisele’s side clearer than ever.

Why don’t you just call it a career soon, Tom, and make most of us happy.

Written by Glenn Guilbeau


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  1. This is an embarrassingly bad column. It sounds like something a teenager would write whenever his favorite team gets beat. “Yeah man Brady is being a little bitch”. “LOL, yeah bruh, his anorexic is flaring up!” “LOL! Boom roasted!” “Yeah bro, Brady is a little crybaby bitch. My Dad could beat up his Dad probably.” I mean what the hell is this shit.

  2. I agree with the other posts. I like seeing a player get mad when they are having a bad game. Last thing I want is a player that just says “Oh well, we’ll get ’em next time” and heads back to their rich mansion not caring if they won or lost. Brady always shoulders his share of the blame and more for any loss. He doesn’t say the officials cost him the game and if you think he is any worse than Rogers, Mahomes, Manning etc. when crying for a flag, then you are not paying much attention. I know the site is expanding fast and hiring lots of new folks, but I hope they find better talent than this “whiny little bitch”.

  3. Man, what a garbage column. Tom Brady is the GOAT and guess what? His move allowed his team to win the game. I disgusted that you wrote this on Outkick, this is more like something I’d read on CNN or ESPN or some other whiny leftist site. Go away please.

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