Christian McCaffrey Doesn’t Want To Make Excuses Then Immediately Makes Excuse For 49ers Losing To Eagles

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Christian McCaffrey has more time to spend with Olivia Culpo now that the 49ers have been bounced from the postseason, but the star running back still ain’t too happy about it.

And even though he doesn’t want to make any excuses, he’s gonna go ahead and make an excuse for the team’s NFC title game loss to Philadelphia last month.

“You don’t want to make excuses, but it just sucks, because we wish we had a healthy quarterback for a full game and just kind of see how the game would have panned out,” he told (OutKick fave) Kay Adams earlier this week.

“It’s a really good team that we played, but it feels like something got stolen from you. Just wish it would have played out differently. Wish we could run that one back.

“Hopefully they change that rule where you can carry a third quarterback. That’s what I hope they do. Yeah, it’s definitely still tough.”

Christian McCaffrey thinks NFC championship was stolen

Ah, the ol’ I don’t wanna make excuses but we lost because we didn’t have a QB line. Works every time!

Look, McCaffrey is right. The 49ers were probably, in some way, robbed of a legit chance to win that game. The NFL’s stupid third QB rule is dumb and needs to be fixed, and Roger Goodell is probably already looking into it.

Assuming, of course, he stops virtue-signaling for 30 seconds first.

Anyway, all that to say … maybe the 49ers should’ve had a better backup QB in the holster when they were already down to their third string QB in the first place? I don’t know, just a thought.

Christian McCaffrey.
Christian McCaffrey thinks NFC title game was stolen. (Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images)

Brock Purdy became a legend over the final month of the season, but he was also Mr. Irrelevant, too. He was ALSO the third quarterback you’ve had to use this year because the first two went down to injuries.

Maybe, just maybe, you should have taken that as a sign that you should invest in more than 77-year-old Josh Johnson to back him up?

That’s not Christian’s fault, though. He’s not making excuses!

Whatever. He gets to hang out with OutKick OG Olivia Culpo for the next few months uninterrupted. I think he’ll be OK.

Written by Zach Dean

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