Chris Chelios’ Son Enjoys Olympic Opening Ceremony As Team China Member

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American hockey player Jake Chelios, the son of NHL legend Chris Chelios, rolled into China’s National Stadium Friday night with his cellphone (most likely being monitored by Chinese intelligence agencies) recording every minute of his first Olympic opening ceremony — as a member of Team China.

That’s right, Jake Chelios, a product of American hockey royalty with zero traceable Chinese ancestry, is playing on the Team China Olympic hockey team. How? The Olympics has been bastardized with rules that allow nations to grab athletes to fill squads. Why? China doesn’t want to be embarrassed, so it went out and found some North Americans and other professional players outside the NHL to help them.

There was Jake, who plays professionally in the KHL for a Beijing-based team, Friday night in his Team China-issued Olympic gear being cheered on by Chinese President & Supreme Leader Xi Jinping, who had his buddy, hockey legend Vladimir Putin, in the house for the big event.

Jake Chelios China Olympics opening ceremony
Chinese-American freestyle skier Eileen Gu and American Jake Chelios at the Beijing Games opening ceremony / via Instagram Story

What is Chelios, who was born in Chicago, educated at Michigan State and void of Chinese ties, thinking?

“I think half the family was a little confused of what was going on at first, but now they’re starting to understand how special it is,” Chelios told the Associated Press about his decision to take the plunge and join Team China. “Since we’ve been over here for three years, whatever it is, you do start to feel a closeness to China. We’ve been eating Chinese food, we’ve been living the Chinese culture, so there’s a certain closeness you start to feel with China, and you start to feel like you’re actually going to represent them and you want to win for them.”

What about those Chinese atrocities and iron fist rule by Xi Jingping? Chelios, a veteran of five NHL games with the Detroit Red Wings, wasn’t asked about that by the Associated Press. Or he was and his Chinese handlers axed the AP’s question.

American Jake Chelios enjoying the Beijing Games opening ceremony / via Instagram Story

Whatever the case, the son of an American hockey legend came to the conclusion that he was perfectly fine looking in the mirror knowing he’s working for China and will toe the company line as a member of Team China — for a life experience.

And he has a stated goal of wanting to win for China. His squad faces the U.S. on February 10.

Can you imagine Chris Chelios sitting in his living room cheering for the Chinese hockey team against the U.S.? It seems impossible to fathom, but then again, we have Americans like Nancy Pelosi telling American athletes to watch their mouths in China and we have NBC’s Samantha Guthrie toeing the line for the Chinese regime.

If you’re already disgusted by the Beijing Games, you haven’t seen anything yet. We’re just getting started.

Jake Chelios entering China’s National Stadium / via Instagram Story

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