Chief Goes At James Bradberry In Valentine’s Joke, AJ Brown Claps Back

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We’ve got ourselves a post-Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day beef between JuJu Smith-Schuster and AJ Brown.

Juju has a parade coming up that he should probably be focusing on, while AJ Brown is still coming to terms with a brutal end to what was an otherwise spectacular season. Still, they found some time to get into it on Twitter.

It all started — as so many modern beefs do — with a meme. An NFL meme to be precise.

Smith-Schuster shared a meme from Twitter and Instagram account NFL Memes (which, by the way, is a must-follow.) The post in question was part of a slate of very funny Valentine’s Day cards the account posted.

JuJu zeroes in on one of them in particular that poked fun at Eagles cornerback James Bradberry.

To many people, this was a funny, tongue-in-cheek way to wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day… and also a way to pump his own tires for drawing a Super Bowl-clinching holding penalty.

Philadelphia wideout AJ Brown was not one of those people.

To misquote a tearful Terrell Owens, “That’s my cornerback…”

Brown Fired Back At Smith-Schuster

Brown jumped to his teammate’s defense to let Juju know that if he thinks he can share a readily available meme on Twitter and get away with it, he’s sorely mistaken.

Brown put on a trash-talking masterclass. I love when someone opens with a compliment because I feel like it gets the recipient off balance. Starting by congratulating Smith-Schuster and his Chiefs before going for the jugular and smashing his careers (both football and TikTok) was the mark of someone who has done this before.

JuJu fired back. It’s really amazing how much smack talk rolls off your back when you’ve just won a Super Bowl.

The exchange drew many reactions, most of which can be summed up with pictures of people looking stunned or GIFs of someone eating popcorn. However, I had to include Robert Griffin III, who replied with a picture of himself making a stunned reaction.

That just felt very on-brand and served as the perfect bookend to a bizarre Valentine’s Day Twitter beef.

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