Chicago Sports Radio Producer Pulled From Air For Saying About Conservative Host, ‘I’ll Have Sex With Your Mother’

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Battles between radio hosts are nothing new. Somtimes, they get personal. A sports talk producer in Chicago decided to get REALLY personal in attacking a conservative Chicago radio host.

Last week, Jason McIntyre of Fox Sports compared Chicago to Afghanistan.

“It’s like a war zone right now. It’s like Afghanistan,” McIntyre said on The Herd. Of course, people got outraged over the comment.

One of those people was Chicago sports radio producer Shane Riordon. He quote tweeted the video of McIntyre’s comments and wrote, “Keep Chicago out of your f***ing mouth, @jasonrmcintyre. You are both uninformed and disgusting.”

He followed that tweet with another aimed at McIntyre.

“I can’t get over this. Jason is such a piece of sh*t,” Riordan wrote.

Chicago radio hosts go to battle over Jason McIntyre’s comments

Dan Proft, a conservative talk radio host and former Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, responded to Riordan’s tweet.

“When I say the Chicago sports press corps is inhabited by illiberal popinjays who flack for the New Marxists because they so want to be considered colleagues of the similarly disposed political press corps, it’s hysterics like this goof from The Score I’m referencing,” Proft wrote.

Riordan responded in kind.

“Dan I just stepped outside of my Chicago apartment and the Taliban shot and killed my dog and grandmother. Can you help?” Riordan said.

Fair enough, right? Riordan has his opinion about McIntyre’s comments and Proft has his. I thought Riordan’s Taliban response at least showed some cleverness. And, Proft did come at him first.

It could have ended there, and probably should have.

Radio hosts can’t let feud go, and it turns ugly

But according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Proft went on his morning radio show and explained his take on Riordan and the media as a whole. Proft went after media members who constantly cape for failed politicians in liberal-run cities.

Of course, Chicago is one of the best examples of that.

Radio talk show host Dan Proft speaks to supporters at a rally in Chicago, Illinois.
Radio talk show host Dan Proft speaks to supporters at a rally in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Riordan and his show crew played Proft’s comments. Then, Riordan rebutted Proft’s commentary.

As I’ve written before, radio hosts have to fill A LOT of airtime. Battles between hosts on different stations, or even in different cities, is not new.

But then Riordan decided to personally attack Proft in a rather obscene way.

“Dan, I’ll have sex with your mother,” Riordan said on the show. “Dan Proft, you bring your mother over here, I’ll bone her. I don’t care, dude.”

Obviously, that’s a line hosts shouldn’t cross. It’s one thing to rebut commentary, but ad hominem attacks are becoming too common among media discourse.

According to the Sun-Times, Riordan has not appeared on the radio since his comments. As for the station, The Score elected not to address the issue publicly.

“We have no comment on last week’s incident at The Score,” the station said in a statement.

Riordan has not tweeted since the incident.

This underscores a larger problem within political discourse. If you run out of arguments — or just don’t have one — you can simply name-call your opponent.

That’s a popular call in the liberal playbook lately, and it’s not helping anyone.

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  1. There since has been an “apology” issued by these 3 Dorks from WSCR…there were what these Hosts would declare “apology/non apologies” as they say about Sports Stars, Owners and Management all the time. They each basically professed a “love for each other” and lets get back to having fun without crossing the line…their apologies were forced, phony, and seemed directed by HR or Legal…They threatened a woman, Amy Jacobson and said nothing to her about being sorry–and said absolutely nothing about Dan Proft who the Mother threat was directed to…these Frauds will mess up again–this is Strike Two for Matt Spiegel, he got caught up in a previous misogyny charge with fellow host Dan Bernstein, talking about the size of a Minority sportscaster females breast size. With that clown Shane still Producing this crap, guaranteed that hothead loose cannon will go off again and the other two are too gultess to reign him in. Chicago is turning off these creeps fast these days….they’ve been Outed.

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