Charles Oakley Gives In MJ Vs. LeBron Debate Using Cereal Analogy

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It’s the most overplayed debate in all of sports, but we now have Charles Oakley’s take on who he’s picking in the great MJ Vs. LeBron debate.

Better yet he answered it using an analogy that’s an important part of a well-balanced breakfast.

Although, the Knicks great is one of the more qualified people to answer this question. Apologies, but, no, you and your buddies are not. Kevin Garnett floated this question during a sitdown interview with the NBA great.

You can tell that this was a question Oakley had thought about before or was at least ready for because he gave a solid answer.

“They’d ask me ‘who would you rather play with? LeBron or Mike?’ I said LeBron but Mike’s my best friend,” Oakley said. “Mike ain’t passing me the ball. He don’t care if I get a shot today or tomorrow. But you know, that’s how he got to be Mike. You know?

So when they always make the comparison, ‘Who you like? LeBron or Mike?’ I says ‘Frosted Flakes, Corn Flakes. Mike, LeBron.’ So LeBron got no sugar, Mike got the sugar. So the sugar I ain’t have, I’m LeBron because I was Corn Flakes. So it’s always gonna be a comparison.”

Oakley hit on it. The debate isn’t nor was it ever about who was best. It was always a question of who you liked more, or who was popular when you were in middle school.

In short, it is a question as simple as Frosted Flakes or Corn Flakes.

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