Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Releases ‘Kelce Krunch’ Cereal

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Toss the Flutie Flakes and disregard the Chrebet Crunch. It’s time to make room for Kelce Krunch.

As of last Saturday, Chiefs fans hungry for more than just wins can now feast on the cereal endorsed by their superstar tight end Travis Kelce.

In sticking with tradition, Kelce and the marketing team behind the cereal opted to spurn creativity and stick to the basics when bestowing a moniker to the sweet treat.


(photo c/o Kansas City Hy-Vee)

Kelce’s Krunch follows simply named NFL player-branded cereals like (Dan) MarinO’s, (Alvin) Kamara’s King Crunch, (Randy) Moss’ Magic Crunch, and Jake’s (Plummer) Flakes.

Raise your hand if you lived outside Arizona and knew that Jake the freakin’ Snake had himself a cereal.


Jake's Flakes

Unsurprisingly, Travis’ breakfast of champions is at least the third player cereal to feature “crunch” – sometimes with a “K” – within its name.

Why mess with perfection, right?


Hy-Vee stores around the Kansas City area began carrying the sugar frosted flakes cereal last Saturday with a $4.99 price tag. Because of its popularity and limited supply, many stores are limiting customers to one box of Kelce’s Krunch per visit.

Kelce, entering his 10th NFL season, is using the cereal as his own legal PED. “I already went through about 10 boxes,” Kelce said Monday, per the Kansas City Star. “I’m a big Frosted Flakes guy and this is the Kelce Krunch version of it, for sure. I think it has a little bit more sugar but don’t ask me.”

That’s probably a good move. The years long debate about Frosted Flakes has always centered around its lack of sugar.

Problem solved. Thanks Trav.


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Aside from filling stomachs, the cereal also acts as a way for Kelce to give back. “You can get it over at Hy-Vee, and of course some of the proceeds go to 87 & Running, my foundation which helps out the inner city youth out here in Kansas City and up in Cleveland in my hometown,” Kelce told reporters.

When Kelce was asked how his cereal compares to teammate Patrick Mahomes’ Mahomes Magic Crunch (there’s that originality again), Kelce responded: “It might not have any magic but it’s pretty good.”

At the very least, the competing cereals should make for a tasty locker room debate.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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