Celebrity Chef Jose Andres Gets Exemption From Gas Stove Ban While Regular Americans Don’t

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Restaurant chef Jose Andres will not have to worry about having to replace his gas stoves.


Because he’s a celebrity.

In another example of “them vs us,” the celeb has been granted an exemption by Palo Alto, California officials to be allowed to continue using natural gas stoves, while other business owners can’t.

Celebrity chef Jose Andres has been granted an exemption from having to replace his gas stoves in his restaurant. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal)


“Faced with a threat of a lawsuit, Palo Alto administrators have reversed their earlier decision and will now allow the new restaurant that chef José Andrés plans to open at Stanford Shopping Center to use natural gas,” Palo Alto Online reported.

Lawyers for Andres argued that if he wasn’t allowed to use the gas stoves, that the food would be affected and he would have to change his menu.

Well we can’t have that can we!

“Without a gas connection and appliances, Zaytinya [Jose Andres restauraunt] would be forced to alter its signature five-star menu, which it is unwilling to do,” attorney Anna Shimko wrote. “Zaytinya cannot compromise the caliber of its cuisine and reputation.”

Andres argues that because the location of the restaurant isn’t fully equipped to handle other types of stoves because of the gas lines, that they would possibly have to move. “This would be an unfortunate loss for the residents of Palo Alto, as well as a compensable loss for which SPG would be forced to seek redress,” Shimko continued.

Forget about parents trying to just survive their daily lives while juggling work and raising their children. No, Palo Alto says the heck with you. But if you were a celebrity (or the United States Energy Secretary) then you would be in the clear.

Chef Jose Andres is all smiles as he will be able to use gas stoves at his California restaurants. (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Atlantis The Royal)


This story immediately brought back memories of when Hollywood and the movie industry were allowed to return to filming during the Covid pandemic while regular places couldn’t.

In one instance, a restaurant owner was at danger of losing her livelihood because of California’s continued restrictions on dining places – while the movie production had no issue whatsoever despite being just FEET away from each other. Why? Because the movie productions were deemed “essential.”

It’s the “haves vs the have-nots” and it’s sickening. Nothing makes sense.

There is a growing movement to phase out gas stoves over climate change concerns. (Photo by Davide Bonaldo/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Earlier this year President Biden began hinting that gas stoves and other appliances may soon become regulated in order to combat climate change. New York City and other cities like Palo Alto have began banning any gas stoves from being built in new building projects.

The city of Palo Alto defended their blatant double standard by emphasizing that residents must continue to do what they can to combat climate change.

“Except for this one-off situation, Palo Alto’s all-electric requirement is being implemented for all new projects and substantial remodels. Building electrification is critical to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions,” a statement read.

Get ready everyone, it’s only going to get worst.

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