Energy Secretary Admits To Owning A Gas Stove While The Biden Administration Pushes To Restrict Them

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Gas stoves for me, but not for thee!

That’s apparently the mindset of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. The Biden administration through the Energy Department is attempting to propose energy efficiency standards that roughly 50% of gas stoves wouldn’t meet, according to Fox News.

Previously, the Consumer Product Safety Commission floated the idea of a ban. After backlash, the situation has pivoted to the Energy Department.

There’s just one problem. Secretary Granholm, just like millions of other Americans, actually owns a gas stove.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is overseeing a push to regular gas stoves. (Photo by Jim Watson-Pool/Getty Images)

“This does not impact the majority, and it certainly does not say that anybody who has a gas stove would have their gas stove taken away. There’s no ban on gas stoves. I have a gas stove. It is just about making the existing electric and gas stoves, and all the other appliances, more efficient,” Granholm told the House Appropriations Committee Thursday when discussing the proposed standards and her own situation, according to the Daily Wire.

Yes, while the Energy Department and the Biden administration want to crack down, the woman responsible for overseeing the situation actually owns one herself.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm admits to owning a gas stove. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Is Jennifer Granholm owning a gas stove hypocrisy at its finest?

This is the kind of situation that really fires people up. First, a ban was floated. When backlash was fierce – and rightfully so – that idea was tabled.

Now, efficiency standards will be attempted to be used to regulate gas stoves. Again, nearly half of the gas stoves in circulation won’t cut it anymore. It might not be an outright ban, but it’s definitely being done with the intent to restrict. That’s clear as day. Yet, Granholm owns own herself.

This is almost as bad as politicians who are surrounded by armed security lecturing the country on why guns should be banned. If there’s one thing Washington D.C. will never have a shortage of, it’s hypocrisy.

Will gas stoves be banned? (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

When Granholm gives up her gas stove, people might start to take her seriously. Until then, nobody will. If a gas stove is good enough for the Secretary of Energy, it should be just fine for everyone else. Of course, that is unless she thinks the ruling class should be allowed to play by different rules. That couldn’t possibly be the case, right? No politician in America would ever assume the rules the masses are governed by don’t apply to them, right? That just can’t be.

You can have our gas stoves when you pry them from our cold, dead hands.* Until then, we’ll be cooking up wings, burgers and brats as Americans have for generations.

*Don’t be the kind of person who takes this seriously and freaks out. Nobody wants to put up with that nonsense.

Written by David Hookstead

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