JJ Watt Becomes Latest NFL Player To Receive ‘Random’ Drug Test After Big Performance

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The NFL has a habit of sending notes for “random drug tests” to players right after they have a great game. The latest is Cardinals star defensive end, JJ Watt.

Last week, Patriots defender Matt Judon didn’t think the NFL selected him for a drug test “randomly.”

In October, Philadelphia wide receiver AJ Brown posted an incredible three-touchdown game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His reward? You guessed it. “Random” drug test!

On Sunday against the Denver Broncos, JJ Watt sacked backup quarterback Brett Rypien three times. It was the seventh three-sack game of Watt’s career and his first since 2018.

Obviously, he must have taken some PEDs before the game, right NFL???

JJ Watt three-sack game deemed suspicious by NFL?

To be fair to the NFL, there is no better time to test someone for Performance-Enhancing Substances (PES) than after a big game.

J.J. Watt of the Arizona Cardinals sacks Brett Rypien of the Denver Broncos.
J.J. Watt of the Arizona Cardinals sacks Brett Rypien of the Denver Broncos. (Photo by The Denver Post via Getty Images)

If you ran a grocery story and you suspected one of your cashiers was stealing, you wouldn’t catch them on the day they came back and said their drawer was correct. You would do it when they came to you and said that somehow their register was short by $78.16.

If they were a smart criminal, they would steal a random amount like that. If the drawer were short exactly $100, that would be way more suspicious. You’re welcome, would-be thieves.

Sorry, I digress. But the point holds. Can you blame the NFL for wanting to check the urine of the 33-year-old JJ Watt after he posted his first three-sack game in four years?

His sacks didn’t help the Cardinals, though, as they lost to Denver 24-15. But on the bright side, they scored a meaningless late touchdown that cost me my Under bet.

That was a digression, too.


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