Canada Tightening Lockdown Restrictions As COVID Rates Soar Past U.S.

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Canada is dealing with another surge of coronavirus infections. In major cities such as Montreal and Toronto, the number of cases is skyrocketing. At this point, the country is now seeing more cases per million than the United States, which is a first since the pandemic began.

The vaccine distribution in Canada has been poor, which many believe is a major contributor to the rise in infection rates. Just two days ago, barely 22 percent of the population of Canada have had the first round of the vaccine. In the US, 37 percent have. As of April 14, less than 2 percent of the Canadian population is fully vaccinated.

As a result of this government incompetence, political leaders have imposed yet another lockdown with even stricter enforcement this time around. A state of emergency has been issued for a third time, and a multi-week stay-at-home order has been enacted.

In other words, things are an absolute mess in Canada.

The U.S./Canadian border has been closed for well over a year now, but it seems as though the U.S. is no longer the problem. According to a recent news article on WebMD, the U.S. CDC issued a travel advisory earlier this month, saying that “travelers should avoid all travel to Canada.”

Many Canadian oppose another lockdown. In fact, many groups, including some nurses, have protested the stay-at-home order.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. Canada is becoming WhoVille from the Grinch that stole Christmas.

    Trudeau flys under the Radar, but he could be worse than Obiden.

    it seems that nothing Canada does effects the world. Canada is becoming a void of freedom. when i was growing up in DC, we used to think C was sooo cool. visiting was so layed back.

    they suck now. scared and they suck.

  2. Not surprising it’s Ontario and Quebec (the providences) that are doing this…they are high on the woke scale. That’s like if the US had California and New York next to each other.

  3. I know someone there who is a nurse and said very clearly that the health system was already completely taxed and hospitals already out of beds *before* any of the covid BS started and the government is now just using the pandemic as cover for their years of ineptitude. And yet there are still idiots here who want the same people running the DMV to run their healthcare. So dumb.

  4. Considering that Canada has roughly the same population as California(37M), the amount of people to have been vaccinated is criminal. Trudeau needs to stop auditioning for The Bachelor and start taking care of his citizens.

  5. Canada elects ignorant tyrants just like we do hopefully we will all learn to elect people that respect our civil rights these lockdowns are and have been totally illegal by power hungry pols should never happen again.

  6. The leftist fascist green reset scam is really working nicely in places run by Democrats and their ilk like Trudeau. Trudeau loves China’s model. Those people at this point are traitors. They need to be handled as such.

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