Cam Newton’s Ex-Wife Accuses Him Of Not Paying Absurd Utility Bill

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Cam Newton better dig up some Dave Ramsey DVDs, because he’s got an angry ex-wife and some serious debt.

For those of you wondering at home, those two things do NOT play well together.

According to court documents obtained by Rader Online, Newton’s ex-wife, Kia Proctor, is coming after the former NFL MVP for over $21,000 for charges incurred from Sept. 2020 to July 2022.

The breakdown: $5,500 in cable expenses, $6,600 for the internet, $4,725 in power charges, and another $4,532 for gas for a grand total owed comes to $21,357.

Kia ain’t done yet. She also reportedly wants him to pay $2k to cover her legal bills for having to drag him to court.

Cam Newton has some explaining to do! (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

Imagine going to the mailbox and pulling out a utility bill for 20-grand? Wild.

That’s essentially what poor Cam’s now dealing with, and the guy still can’t get an NFL team to bite. Newton last played for the Panthers (again) last season, was an unmitigated disaster, and has been a free agent ever since.

And now, this!

According to court filings, Newton currently pays his ex-wife and mother to his four children over $14,000 a month in support, but still hasn’t paid any of those utilities per the temporary agreement and has ignored all payment requests.

To be fair, I do the same thing. I cannot remember the last time I actually opened a bill and paid it right there on the spot. If it’s not on auto-pay, you’re pretty much gonna have to threaten to cut the power or it’s probably not happening.

And hey, nobody’s called my bluff yet!

Anyway, Cam usually has an escape this time of year in the NFL, but he’s currently a free agent, so he may have to deal with this head-on.

Frankly, he could probably just sell a couple of these outfits on Facebook Marketplace and get the money before dinner.

Cam Newton attends the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & the Catholic Imagination.”. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
Think Cam Newton is worried about a little credit card bill?. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)
PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 18: Cam Newton and his Meshika hat. (Photo by Melodie Jeng / Getty Images)


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