Caitlyn Jenner Tees Off On Martina Navratilova After Tennis Great Fails To Do Research On Biological Males Competing Against Females

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Caitlyn Jenner didn’t hold back after tennis legend Martina Navratilova slammed Lance Armstrong’s new series about the fairness of transgender athletes in sports.

Armstrong announced his new series and shared a clip teasing an interview with Jenner about the fairness of transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Armstrong got ripped pretty hard for the irony of wanting to discuss fairness given his history of cheating. He even got dinged by the ol’ community notes, in case some users weren’t up to snuff on one of the most highly-publicized downfalls in the history of sports.

Still, his history doesn’t make the question any less salient. He touched on that in a reply to his original tweet.

Well, Martina Navratilova is an outspoken critic of allowing biological women to compete in women’s sports. She gave a scathing response to the idea of Armstrong and Jenner discussing the topic.

It would appear that Navratilova simply didn’t do her homework on this one. Perhaps she just assumed that because Jenner is transgender she would defend the idea of biological men in sports. If so, that would be wildly inaccurate, and she could have uncovered the truth with a quick, rudimentary Google search.

It would appear she didn’t do that.

Jenner Let Navratilova Have It

Navratilova went ahead and slammed Jenner despite the latter going on record many times saying biological men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports. That means the two are on the same side of this issue.


That’s a shame because it teed Jenner up to unload a series of tweets on her.

Oof. Jenner wasn’t even into the meat of this Twitter beating before throwing in the “(She’ll love the attention)” kill shot.

While Navratilova is one of the outspoken voices in protecting women’s sports, Jenner called the former tennis star out for her apparent support of other political issues. Ones that don’t exactly align with her (commendable) crusade to protect women’s sports.

Unfortunately for Navratilova, Jenner had receipts.

Jenner wasn’t done. She pointed out how Navratilova appeared to have a habit of bashing the very lawmakers trying to protect women’s sports.

Of course, Navratilova is entitled to her own views. However, it’s also fair to question how she can be so outspoken on the issue of protecting women’s sports only to seemingly hold completely contradictory views that would throw up hurdles in that endeavor.

It’s like if someone professed a love of proper New York style-pizza and talked at length about wanting to protect the city’s culinary tradition. Then, in the next breath, they voiced support for that insane ban on coal pizza ovens.

It just doesn’t wash.

Jenner finished up not giving Navratilova any excuses and giving her some names of GOP politicians who are trying to pass laws protecting women’s sports.

Let this be a lesson as to why you should always do your homework before taking a swing at someone online.

You’ve got to think Martina Navratilova won’t make that mistake again any time soon.

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