Lance Armstrong Will Discuss Transgender Athletes With Caitlyn Jenner In New Podcast

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Few athletes have dominated their sports quite like Lance Armstrong and Caitlyn Jenner.

And now, the two of them will sit down for a conversation about the future of sports — mostly as it relates to the participation of transgender athletes.

Armstrong teased the conversation — which will be featured in the latest episode of his “The Forward” podcast — on social media Saturday.

“Have we really come to a time and place where spirited debate is not only frowned upon, but feared?” Armstrong tweeted. “Where people’s greatest concern is being fired, shamed or cancelled? As someone all too familiar with this phenomenon, I feel I’m uniquely positioned to have these conversations.”

Trans-identifying men competing in women’s events has been a hot-button topic this year, and it’s one OutKick has covered extensively. But a lot of mainstream media outlets won’t touch it.

For the exact reasons Armstrong outlines here:

“Is there not a world in which one can be supportive of the transgender community and curious about the fairness of Trans athletes in sport yet not be labeled a transphobe or a bigot as we ask questions?” Armstrong asked. “Do we yet know the answers? And do we even want to know the answers?”

Lance Armstrong and Caitlyn Jenner Will Discuss Fairness in Women’s Sports

Armstrong’s guest, Caitlyn Jenner, has long been a proponent of keeping biological males out of women’s sports. Jenner has repeatedly pointed out the biological advantage — size, strength and speed — men have over their female counterparts.

Before transitioning in 2015, Bruce Jenner was an Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete. Bruce also won gold in the decathlon at the 1975 Pan American Games.

Lance Armstrong Will Discuss Transgender Athletes With Caitlyn Jenner In New Podcast
Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France titles before his doping scandal became public. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images)

Armstrong was a seven-time Tour de France champion before he was stripped of the titles over a performance-enhancing drug scandal.

Of course, there’s a noticeable irony: A transgender person and a cheater sit down to condemn transgender people for cheating.

And Twitter users certainly didn’t hesitate to point that out.

Like Mike Drucker, who wrote, “If Lance Armstrong actually believed people are pretending to be trans to cheat at sports, he would have tried it already.”

But that’s a disingenuous and simplistic summary of the situation.

It’s not about athletes “pretending to be trans” to cheat. It’s about the erasure of women’s rights — both on the field and in the locker room — to appease an extreme ideology.

Both Armstrong and Jenner would have dominated against female competitors in their prime, and it’s not even close.

So poke fun if you want. But both Armstrong and Caitlyn Jenner have a unique perspective on the issue.

The podcast drops Monday. And it’ll be worth a listen.

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