Bud Light Suffers One Of Worst Weeks Yet: ‘It’s Sick And Infecting Others’

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Bud Light just suffered one of its worst weeks yet amid the Dylan Mulvaney disaster, with sales plunging over 24% for the week ending in May 13 compared to the same week last year.

That’s worse than last week — which some believed was the first sign of the ongoing Bud Light boycott loosening its grip. However, numbers tanked again most recently, according to Bump Williams consulting, which pointed to a larger issue in its analysis.

“Bud Light is ‘sick,’” Williams said. “It’s now infected other healthy brands with the InBev portfolio and that’s a bigger problem in my mind.

“If Bud Light doesn’t stop the bleeding now, [it] runs the risk of losing the entire three months of the high demand for beer.”

Bud Light sales continue to plunge as Coors Light skyrockets.

Bud Light sales continue to plunge as Coors skyrockets

Whoooooof. Not the best way to start a Monday.

While Bud Light sales continue to plummet around the country as we near the two-month mark of the Mulvaney disaster, the fallout is now spreading like a wildfire under the Anheuser-Busch umbrella.

Michelob Ultra sales were down 2.9% versus a year ago according to Williams’ analysis of Nielsen IQ data, while Budweiser has been down nearly 10% each of the past two weeks.

Apparently, the new Harley-Davidson cans haven’t worked.

Elsewhere, Busch Light was down nearly 7% after being down just 0.3% the previous week, while Natural Lights were down nearly 3%.

Look away, Bud Light fanatics — it gets worse. Somehow.

The nation’s top-selling beer brand has lost $110 million in sales volume year-to-date compared to the same period last year, according to Williams, while the number of Bud Light cases sold was down 28.4%.


And if you think the folks over at Coors are feeling bad for their competitors, think again. Coors Light was up a staggering 23.2% last week, while Modelo went from a 5% to 10% increase over the past two weeks.

So much for that light at the end of the tunnel.

Written by Zach Dean

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  1. Modelo is also under the InBev (A-B) umbrella. If you’re looking for non A-B beer, go craft, Coors, Dos XX, Yuengling, or some Old Milwaukee Light (1997 Gold Medal Winner for American Style Light Lager).

  2. No Anheuser-Busch products, and since Miller hates guys who like to see beautiful girls in bikinis, no Miller either. Yuengling, PBR, or local breweries, and Old Milwaukee Light is a good suggestion also.

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