Bud Light Costume Guy Arrested For DUI As Brand Keeps Taking Ls

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Sir, I identify as a Bud Light can. Someone else was drinking. It wasn’t me.

The hits just keep coming for Anheuser-Busch executives who are watching their once iconic stadium beer implode ever since April 1 when some woke executive decided to hire a biological male, acting like a bozo female, to market the beer to a new generation of drinkers.

It’s been a total disaster ever since and now we have some guy in Kansas going viral for wearing a Bud Light costume during a DUI stop on Cinco de Mayo. Seriously, A-B executives can’t wait for Memorial Day to get here so the Internet goes on vacation. The Ls are piling up and it’s getting painful.

Sales are terrible. In Ohio, there’s massive discounting on Budweiser and Bud Light. Clay Travis claims people in his rich neighborhood wouldn’t be caught dead holding a Bud Light. The general public is running away. Even the gay bars are mad at Bud Light.

Bud Light costume guy going through a field sobriety test. / via Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

And now the Franklin County (KS) Sheriff’s Office goes and does this.

“A career in law enforcement is exciting, and you get to experience something new every day. Sometimes you see things you can’t believe!” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

“Yesterday, our deputies were notified of a possible intoxicated driver traveling northbound on Interstate 35. The vehicle was located and eventually pulled over. Deputies were surprised to see that the driver was wearing a beer can costume.

“Yes, you read that correctly. The driver was eventually placed under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to the Franklin County Jail. As always, suspects are innocent until proven guilty.”

Of course Facebook readers had jokes ready to go.

“Is it really under the influence if he IS the influencer🤔,” a woman named Hollie replied.

“Y’all did Dylan Mulvaney dirty. Let em drive,” Ryan Ryan wrote.

As always, the suspect is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law — on the DUI.

They’re working hard to move Budweiser and Bud Light in Ohio. / Reader submitted

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