Bubba Wallace NASCAR Wedding Includes Byron With Blaney’s Sister, Dale Jr. Cameo, McDonalds Truck, Midnight Makeouts

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We may be celebrating the new year, but Bubba Wallace and his NASCAR buddies have already moved on to Valentines Day.

Yep, Cupid was working overtime over this holiday weekend, and that weird little baby didn’t stop until every single driver was satisifed!

Wallace and longtime girlfriend Amanda Carter tied the knot Saturday, throwing an absolute who’s who of weddings that included a McDonalds food truck at 1 a.m., dancing in the smoke, a cameo from Dale Earnhardt Jr., and an absolute BOMBSHELL revelation about one driver.

Not to be outdone, another driver also popped the question over the weekend, while NASCAR OGs Kyle Busch and wife Samantha celebrated an anniversary.

What a week for love!

Oh yeah, the motorsports calendar also starts this month! How’s that for a tease?!

Four Goodyears, a double shot of Sunoco racing fuel, and give me a nice windshield tear-off on the way out because it’s about to get steamy in here.

Monday Morning Pit-Stop – ‘Everyone is Making Out’ offseason edition – is LIVE!

Bubba Wallace marries Amanda Carter, throws banger

Let’s start out with an ‘atta-boy’ to OutKick fan favorite Bubba Wallace, who finally tied the knot with now-wife Amanda on New Year’s Eve.

The two lovebirds have been together for over five years now, and got married at a JW Marriott in Charlotte.

Over 250 guests attended the big night – which is a pretty good turnout considering Bubba decided to get married on NEW YEAR’S EVE! – including several NASCAR stars.

Best bud Ryan Blaney was a groomsman, while William Byron, Daniel Suarez and Dale Jr. were spotted as well.

More on William in a minute. Buckle up.

Anyway, according to People! (great magazine to flip through in the Publix checkout line, by the way), the food menu was ELITE, including tuna tartar, duck meatballs, pulled pork spring rolls, blue crab croquettes and whipped ricotta.

However, that’s not the ‘elite’ part I’m talking about …

McDonalds and NASCAR team up at Bubba Wallace’s wedding

No no, the ‘elite’ food I’m referring to came in the form of a McDonalds food truck, which apparently pulled up to the Marriott just after 1 a.m. to help everyone soak up their champagne.

“We wanted a more casual food setting since it’s late in the evening,” Amanda said. “And then at 1 a.m. when the party’s over, we have a McDonald’s food truck coming to serve chicken nuggets and french fries.”

What a move here. This, folks, is why you hear the fellas constantly shout out their sponsors after a race. McDonalds is a huge sponsor of Bubba, and our guy calls in a favor on his big day and the arches deliver.

Didn’t know McDonalds even had food trucks, but I can imagine the line for this puppy was deeeeeeeeeep at 1 a.m. after a wedding.

Like moths to a flame.

William Byron is apparently dating Erin Blaney

As the only NASCAR columnist with the nuts to delve into these sorts of things, I feel ashamed that I didn’t know William Byron is apparently dating Ryan Blaney’s sister, Erin.

Seriously, how did this slip through the cracks? This is the #content I LIVE for, and I found out by stalking Instagram pics from Bubba Wallace’s wedding?


William Byron is dating Ryan Blaney's sister, Erin.
William Byron and Erin Blaney.

Three years. Three years and I’m just not making the connection? Embarrassing. I’m better than that, and I’ll be better moving forward.

Anyway, how about this midnight makeout session? Great idea, stolen from the iconic Team USA golf picture with Ricky Fowler. Love it.

Our man Ryan Blaney, by the way, had NO idea this was coming. Look at the sheer shock in his face as Hooters girlfriend Gianna Tulio plants one on him.

PS: Feel bad for the fellas in the bottom left corner. A peck on the head for New Year’s Eve? Yikes.

Ryan Blaney and Gianna Tulio.
Ryan Blaney and Hooters girlfriend Gianna Tulio had a night at Bubba’s wedding!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. makes wedding cameo, Erik Jones on deck?

All right, let’s wrap up Bubba wedding with a few more items.

First, it wouldn’t be a NASCAR banger without the sport’s No. 1 party boy, Dale Jr., making a brief appearance.

I’m not sure Bubba got the iconic Dale Jr. you’ve heard stories about from Daytona 500 Speedweeks (look it up), but our guy can still party even in his more mature years, no doubt about it.

Dale Jr. makes cameo at Bubba Wallace wedding.
Dale Earnhardt Jr. still has it!

Hope they had some Bud Heavys for the GOAT. Non-negotiable.

Moving on …

While Bubba was ending his big day, Erik Jones was just starting to plan his!

The Petty GMS veteran popped the question to girlfriend Holly Shelton on Christmas Eve, and, thankfully, she said ‘Sure, why the hell not?!’

Erik Jones pops the question!
Erik Jones is next NASCAR star to propose.

For those counting at home, that’s now two different engagements this offseason from NASCAR Cup Series vets. Daniel Suarez kicked things off back in November by popping the question to Julia Piquet, and now Jones bends the knee on Christmas Eve.

Something tells me one of the Blaney siblings is on deck!

Kyle Busch and Samantha celebrate big day & NASCAR season is here!

OK, one final stroll down romantic lane before getting out of here today.

We can’t talk about all the lovebirds – new and old – out there without shouting out the absolute LEGENDS of the game right now, Kyle and Samantha Busch.

The longtime couple celebrated their wedding anniversary over the weekend, and OutKick star Samantha took us behind the scenes of the big day from all those years ago “since Instagram wasn’t around.”

Naturally, I had to pick out a few gems.

A lot to unpack there, but I’ll do it quickly since it’s a holiday Monday and people have things to do.

GREAT staircase wedding shot that looks like it could be an ad for a TV show in the mid-1990s. Even better black and white umbrella shot of the groomsmen, including brother Kurt Busch. And how about the tips on Kyle in that last picture?! Incredible.

By the way, Kyle and Samantha, Dale Jr. and Amy and now Bubba and Amanda have all gotten married on New Year’s Eve. And there’s your useless fact of the day!

OK, that’s all I could muster for you on this first Monday of 2023. For those of you who hate this offseason stuff and can’t wait to get back to racing, good news!

The 2023 motorsports season goes green this MONTH with the Rolex 24 down in Daytona, followed by the Busch Light Clash out in LA (ew) the following Sunday. By my math, that means we’ve just about made it through the shortest offseason in all of sports.

Have a day! Take us home, Larry Mac.

Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.


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