Bubba Wallace Gives Critics The Bird After Finishing 2nd In NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race

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You’re either a fan of Bubba Wallace or against the NASCAR driver — whose persona off the track has created backlash and support (based on the backlash).

Things were especially tense coming into Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, meaning audiences were likely due for a heated Bubba Wallace moment.


On Saturday, Wallace excited his haters in a post-race interview when he was asked about being booed by his critics.

Bubba responded by calling them judgmental and bragging about his payday … money talks.

“Hey, as long as you continue to live your life, judging a book by its cover, that’s who you are,” Wallace said about his critics.

“Don’t change it up for anybody else. That’s the biggest thing. That’s fine. I mean I finished 5th. I got a good payday. I’m good,” Wallace added.

It’s an emotional response that has been too well-known of Bubba, and that’s the type of cat he is … so there’s always a shot he’ll be ready to go back to stirring up his haters.

On Sunday night, after another evening of boos amid a quiet win for 23XI Racing, Bubba Wallace delivered a Bubba Wallace moment.

On the mic after finishing second — behind Kyle Larson — in the All-Star Race, Wallace waved a fleeting middle finger at the camera.

Bubba Wallace knew it would piss people off. And it did.

It’s the type of response that keeps hate against Wallace strong but at this point, it seems like he’s embracing the role of the villain.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Wallace’s bird:

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