Browns New Mid-Field Logo Has Myles Garrett A Bit Confused

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A lot of people were a little confused when the Cleveland Browns unveiled their new midfield logo. Count Myles Garrett as one of those people.

Last week, the Browns announced that Brownie The Elf — the team’s elven primary mark from the 1940s through the 1960s — was back.

And he was back in a big, big way.

It was a bit of an off-the-board choice, something defensive end Myles Garrett spoke with about how he prefers some of the team’s other logos over Brownie.

“I don’t know what to think about that,” Garrett said. “It’s original, it’s unique. I’ve always been more of a fan of the dog. I mean, we’re the Dawg Pound but we’ve got an elf and a helmet. I think we’re a little bit confused on what route we want to go creatively.

“But if we have something that everyone can stand behind as far as fans and we can rally behind it, I’m all for it.”

Garrett makes what could be the most sound dissection of a team’s branding I’ve ever heard. As he mentioned, the team has its famous orange helmet logo and a secondary mark of a bulldog.

Both are perfectly good logos that would make a lot of sense painted at midfield.

Nope, going back to the elf.

Could Brownie Wind Up Being The Browns Secret Weapon?

Another reporter pointed out to Garrett that the team won seven championships while playing for the Browns while using the elf logo.

“Seven championships with the elf? If we get an eighth championship with that elf, I might come in here with a little elf outfit on.” Garrett said.

It could be that the team and its fans are trying anything they can to right the ship. Maybe they’ll come to embrace Brownie, and we’ll see guys playing hard for the elf at midfield, not the name on the back,

There’s no “I” in “team” or in “elf” for that matter.

There’s also a chance that Brownie was intended to serve a practical purpose. Maybe Brownie is proving its usefulness by acting as a diversion from questions about Deshaun Watson.

If you’re the Browns, you want your players fielding questions about elves instead of their currently suspended quarterback and his off-field issues.

No matter the purpose, the second era of Brownie the Elf has arrived in Cleveland.

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