Bronny James Gets More Nasty Comments For Bringing White Girl Back To Prom

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LeBron James’ son, USC-commit Bronny, was on the receiving end of some racist comments after he posted photos of himself and his rumored girlfriend going to prom.

Bronny’s date, Peyton Gelfuso, is white.

While most people would respond to that by saying “…and?” the many who would more than likely identify as part of the “tolerant left” were hot under the collar that Bronny wouldn’t have taken a date who was the same race as himself to the dance.

Which is a wildly racist thing to say any way you slice it.

Take a look at what some commenters had to say, per The Daily Mail.

  • “Shameful. Love yourself and your culture.”
  • ‘I wish he chose a black queen,’ someone wrote, which teed up another person who added, “Bronny you can do better than that. Come on. Not a good look.’
  • ‘Just not feeling the snow bunny,’ wrote yet another person. That comment had a reply that read, ‘Bronny loves playing in the snow.’
  • ‘If it ain’t snowing, he ain’t going,’ said another.

Just bizarre, disgusting stuff that no one — let alone teenagers — should ever have to deal with. And it’s coming from folks who probably do nothing but (ironically) talk peoples’ ears off about how racist the world is.

Chalk that up to being a “takes one to know one” situation…

Others — more sensible people — jumped to the pair’s defense.

That is great, but it’s unfortunate that they had to in the first place.

Bronny Has Unfortunately Dealt With This Before

If you’re feeling a sense of deja vu, here’s why: this isn’t even the first time this has happened to Bronny and Ms. Gelfuso. The same situation unfolded last year at this time.

In that instance, NFL analyst Robert Griffin III defended the then-17-year-old.

Of course, RGIII’s completely correct take (see he makes those too from time to time) led to even more people piling on with more insane takes like this one.

And this:

Just abhorrent stuff, that no one should ever have to deal with.

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