Brittany Williams, Ex Of Josh Allen, Enjoys Rome While Bills QB Deals With Stefon Diggs

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As Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills deal with the Stefon Diggs fallout, ex-girlfriend Brittany Williams is living it up in Rome.

You tell me who won the breakup.

Allen and Williams went through an (allegedly) nasty split last month, with Williams deleting all images of Madden’s newest cover star from her Instagram.

Williams’ trip to Rome comes on the heels of Allen enjoying a nice dinner with actress Hailee Steinfeld a few weeks ago.

Williams, a Pilates instructor, shared the big trip on her Instagram story, complete with the below picture of her taking in the Colosseum. Breathtaking!

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have moved on

You hate to see a once-elite NFL power couple go their separate ways like this, but it is what it is. The NFL life ain’t all ham & eggs, you know.

Just ask Allen — who’s currently spending his June fielding questions about Stefon Diggs’ mysterious absence from training camp while Brittany crushes Italy.

I think Josh will be OK, though. The NY Post reported that he was spotted “making out” with Steinfeld during a Memorial Day sushi dinner and that the new couple were “very happy together.”

Win-win, in my book.

Brittany Williams crushes Rome while Josh Allen deals with Stefon Diggs.
Brittany Williams and Josh Allen have seemingly moved on. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images for The Match)

Still, it’s never easy going through a breakup, especially when you’ve been together since 2017. Hell, the two seemed pretty happy earlier this spring when they vacationed together in March, so something must’ve went off the rails soon after.

Tough break, but you live and learn. Brittany Williams is slugging wine in Rome while Allen is getting to know Hailee.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for us.

PS: Brittany has apparently disabled Instagram sharing, so this is the best I got for you. Don’t shoot the messenger.

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