Brittany Mahomes Calls Out NFL After Husband Gets Rocked On Violent Sack

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Brittany Mahomes is not happy with the inconsistency of NFL officiating crews. She expressed her frustration on Twitter on Sunday after her quarterback husband was rocked while taking a sack.

Not long into the second quarter, Kansas City had the ball at its own 31-yard-line. Patrick Mahomes and called for the snap on 2nd-and-4. It was low.

The ball came in below the waist, which caused him to have to reach down and go get it. While the low snap was definitely on the center, Patrick should have been able to recover. He has many times before.

That was not the case in this instance. He couldn’t hold on, the ball hit the turf, and he was swallowed up while trying to make something positive out of the broken play.

Maliek Collins swarmed in from the right side, wrapped up the quarterback and threw him down to the turf. As soon as he hit the ground, Patrick threw his hands up in the air to question the lack of flag.

While his query was not unreasonable, considering the amount of roughing the passer penalties that have been called in 2022, the tackle wasn’t egregious. It was vicious, but nothing too crazy.

Brittany Mahomes did not agree with the no call.

She was furious and expressed her frustration.

The 27-year-old Mrs. Mahomes does not understand why her husband does not get the flags that, say, Tom Brady, or Justin Herbert, or Trevor Lawrence might get. And to be fair, it’s not an unreasonable question based on recent history within the NFL, though Patrick has certainly received a call or two in his day and recently expressed that he thinks some of the recent roughing penalties are debatable.

She was not done there.

Right, wrong or otherwise โ€” Brittany Mahomes has had enough.

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