Egregious Roughing the Passer Call Disrupts Giants vs. Jaguars

The NFL is getting SOFT. Another egregious roughing the passer call surfaced Sunday during the Giants vs. Jaguars Week 7 matchup.

Early in the third quarter, with the Giants leading 13-11, defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence reached Jacksonville QB Trevor Lawrence for a late push that was clearly in the motion of the play.

Dexter’s late hit on Lawrence cost the Giants a RTP penalty, but the call was completely groan-worthy.



After a string of errant calls by NFL officials to start the year, namely with the roughing the passer call, the league will have to find a way to let defensive personnel play the game without getting penalized for going after the QB until the whistle blows.


Dexter Lawrence has been enjoying a Pro Bowl-level season: accruing 24 combined tackles and four sacks through seven weeks.

When asked about Lawrence’s relentless snap count this season, Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale commented that Lawrence was like a Roll-Royce that must be driven rather than kept on the driveway. Lawrence was selected by the Giants in 2019; eleven picks after quarterback Daniel Jones.

The Giants pass rush was persistent, but the Jags’ O-line outplayed the Big Blue unit: keeping Trevor Lawrence upright for no sacks. But in the end, the Giants won off a late push by the offense and a goal-line stop by Martindale’s defense.

In the end, the Giants won a thrilling game: 23-17.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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