British Airways Serves KFC To Passengers

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An airline story so good you could just eat up!

A British Airways flight from Turks and Caicos Island to London ran into some catering issues when their refrigerators stopped working and spoiled all the food. Realizing that they still had over 8 hours ahead of them, the flight crew took matters into their own hands when they stopped in the Bahamas for a layover.

They ended up ordering KFC.

The crew decided to “order in” for their flight due to there being a limited amount of food options at the airport. So it was buckets upon buckets of chicken legs and wings for passengers seated in economy, business and first class. Yes, that’s right, everyone’s equal when it comes to fast food.


Video taken by passengers showed flight attendants handing out chicken wings and legs to passengers with most being rather receptive to their surprise meal.

“With limited options available at the airport, our teams sprung into action and made sure our customers onboard our flight had something to eat… We apologize to customers that their full meal service was not available and that we had to wing it on this occasion,” a spokesperson for British Airways told an Australian news outlet.

And now I want to order KFC for lunch.

A British Airways flight offered passengers KFC after their food went bad. Photographer: Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images


We’ve all been in similar food situations before. You’re driving along a highway and you see the various food options at a rest stop and you’re like “Ya know… I haven’t had Wendy’s in quite some time…” But KFC? I mean, KFC is right up there with White Castle. People might not wake up every day and go “I want a KFC bucket,” but when it’s presented to you? You give your body and arteries a pass and you eat it and you love it because that’s the whole purpose of KFC and White Castle. We aren’t running marathons here people.

God help any vegetarians or vegans that were on board.

There’s also been no word if the head of PETA was traveling on this particular flight either, but how great would that have been? The smell alone would have sent whoever runs that crazed outlet over the edge, yet alone all the passengers licking their fingers and having sauce residue across all over their faces – talk about an absolute scene.

Salted peanuts, a stale cookie, or a KFC leg with 11 different spices and herbs? I know which one I’m taking every single time.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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