Cluckin’ Crazy: Woman Calls 911 Over Botched KFC Order

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When a KFC customer received only four pieces of an eight-piece chicken meal, she quickly turned from hangry to angry. She then did what any sensible person would do in the same situation – she called 911 to report her chicken missing.

“I only got four pieces of chicken and I want my chicken,” the unidentified woman told a dispatcher, per Fox 8 Cleveland.

It’s tough to argue with her thought process. If you can’t reach Colonel Sanders himself to help you solve the problem, I suppose a colonel in the local police department will have to do.

To the surprise of no one except the woman with the half-empty bucket, police refused to investigate the complaint, essentially telling her “KFC-ya later.”

“There is not much the police can do about it,” said the dispatcher, via

Dissatisfied with the response, the woman insisted she speak directly to a police officer. A short time later, an officer arrived at the scene of the missing chicken — no, not Florida, the KFC of Euclid, Ohio — and informed her once again that police would not look into it.

Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer commented on the bizarre situation through Fox 8, reminding area residents, “While we are here to serve the public, an incorrect drive-thru order is not a police matter.”

Though the restaurant forgot the chicken, they clearly remembered the condiments because this lady’s saucy.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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