Brian Stelter Out At CNN As Network Cancels His Show ‘Reliable Sources’

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Brian Stelter is leaving CNN as the network cancels his Sunday show “Reliable Sources.”

Stelter confirmed the news in a statement to NPR, saying he would address the cancellation Sunday.

New CNN chief Chris Licht informed Stelter of the decision Wednesday.

Stelter was a favorite under previous CNN leadership. Former CNN President Jeff Zucker expanded Stelter’s role with CNN+, making him a six-day-a-week host. Licht chose to bring that number down to zero.

Brian Stelter
Former CNN host Brian Stelter. (WireImage)

Licht and Discovery, the parent company of CNN, have been open about wanting to tone down the liberal partisanship at CNN.

Moreover, there were reports in March that Licht was unhappy with Stelter’s negative coverage of conservative networks because it brought unwanted attention to CNN’s brand.

It’s unclear if CNN will fire Stelter’s backup Oliver Darcy. Darcy is far more partisan than Stelter and has proven to have less reliable sources.

The news comes less than a week after Jeffrey Toobin, who masturbated on a Zoom call in front of his colleagues, quit the network.

Zoom Call Guy Jeffrey Toobin Quits CNN

Unlike Toobin, however, Stelter should have a market. The media beat is incredibly popular as coverage of figures like Joe Rogan often draws as much reaction as the coverage of most politicians.

Stelter has often garnered more attention, both negative and positive, than CNN hosts focused on the inner workings of Washington.

A list of possible destinations for Stelter includes the New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, and Substack. The latter of which could prove lucrative given his ties to a daily newsletter.

With Stelter out, the futures of Don Lemon, Jim Acosta, and angry morning lady Brianna Keilar come into question.

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